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Back to School Preparations: Schedules, Routines, Shopping, and More

Updated on August 31, 2017

So Much to Do for Back to School!

Every year, back to school activities seem to creep up and take parents everywhere by storm. It's a big challenge to change gears, after a leisurely summer, and while the kids often dread the return to academic rigors, parents dread trying to re-establish order, and as well, dread the cost of outfitting their youngsters for the coming year.

Don't let the school year catch you off guard, but take a little time to peruse not only this lens, but also, the linked articles and materials, chock full of ideas to help you start the year on the right foot.

Read further, for information on school supplies, school gear, and school clothes, as well as for activities and ideas for making Back-to-School fun and succesful for kids and parents.


School Supplies

Moms and Dads, don't frustrate yourselves with the mad rush at the last minute. Take time through the summer to put aside the basics. As the start of school approaches, focus on more specific materials.

Often, your child's school will provide a list of needed supplies for each specific teacher's classes, and many communities post these lists in the school supply sections of local stores, as well.

Arm yourself with a supply list during the latter part of July, and finalize your supply purchases by mid-August. You may still have some items to purchase after school begins, but most of your needs will have been obtained ahead of time, during the best "Back to School" sales.

Find School Supplies at Amazon

During the Back-to-School shopping season, Amazon often runs sales on some of your essential school supply needs.

Further, some school supplies are part of the Amazon Mom program, eligible toward extending your Prime Shipping benefits.

Check out some of the supplies shown below, and while you are at Amazon, be sure to check out the Amazon Mom program.

Common School Supplies for Elementary Students




Glue/Glue Sticks




Additional School Supplies for Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School Students


Spiral Notebooks

Notebook Paper




Should Calculators Be Used In School? - When is a calculator appropriate?

Calculators seem rather primitive now, given the nature and advancement of technology in our society. What place should calculators have in modern education?

Should Students Be Permitted To Use Calculators?

Middle School Calculator Recommendation

Fraction calculators were rather new when I began teaching, just over 20 years ago. It's important to help students to learn fraction operations first, but calculators can be incorporated for checking, for learning patterns, and for many activities in the middle school classroom.

Texas Instruments has been a leader in calculator creation, from those funky red-display calculators with 9 volt batteries in the late 70's, to sleek and colorful graphing calculators of today.

Trapper Keepers

Trapper Keepers have been around for more than 30 years, the ultimate organizational systems for upper elementary and middle school students. Help your child to be succesful in school by helping him, or her, to get organized at the outset.

School Bags Help Kids Stay Organized

Students can carry upwards of 50 lbs. of weight in their school bags. Make sure your child has a sturdy school bag, one which will handle all of his or her materials, and which will last.

What style of school bag?

There are many different types of school bags for kids...sound off on the style you prefer.

Which school bag is best?

See results

Photo Credit - Thanks to the following photographers at Flickr

Photos shared via Creative Commons Licensing

Back to School Prep and Supplies

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      I Bonds were once sold and redeemed solely as a paper security, but now they're also available in electronic form.

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