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Back to School With Angry Birds School Supplies

Updated on February 24, 2013

Angry Birds School Supplies for Middle School Students and Others

I'm a huge fan of Angry Birds, but not for the reason you might imagine. Sure, I love to play the silly game on my smartphone. My tweens and teens love it too. My little ones love it. But as a math teacher, I absolutely giggle at the subtle introduction of a fun concept: the parabola. Don't cringe. Even if you hate math, you've got to appreciate the irony. By the time they reach the concept in Algebra II, how many of your kiddos will be so comfortable with the idea that they will say, "Oh...I recognize that!"

There are going to be some interesting discussions among math department personnell, I'm sure, as time progresses. In the meantime, there are few cartoon themes that really are appropriate for the middle schooler, but Angry Birds seems to work for tweens, teens and elementary aged kids. Of course, Angry Birds school supplies are also great for middle schoolers and others.

Angry Birds Notebooks: Angry Birds School Supplies for Middle School

Notebooks are among the most subtle and perfect choices of character school supplies. If I were currently in the public school setting, I would probably tote my own Angry Birds notebooks, and these would be fun for teaming and other prize related settings. Of course, I see the benefit of creating Angry Birds games, statistics activities and competitions, too. Middle School can be a harsh environment, but Angry Birds are a fun choice for lightening the atmospher.

Angry Birds Pencil Cases for Middle School Students

This is a must. Have you looked into the recesses of a middle school book bag? Broken pencils, leaky pens...disaster zone! A pencil case is an organizational tool that can have significant financial benefits...think about replacing books damaged by leaky pens! Of course, your tween won't organize automatically. Do a periodic review of the backpack or messenger bag to make sure that things are in order.

Angry Birds Pencils for Back to School

As a teacher, I loved to have fun pencils to use as motivators. At the 6th and 7th grade level, these can still be appreciated, though there is an 8th grade malaise that's hard to conquer. Pencils are inexpensive and useful.

Angry Birds Pens for Middle School

Many middle schoolers transition to using pen more often, and these sets can be fun and useful.

Angry Birds School Bags for Middle School? Maybe Not!

Most of the Angry Birds school bags on the market are aimed at a younger market. While the theme is fine for notebooks and pencils, I wouldn't suggest these backpacks and messenger bags unless your tween has seen them in person and decided they were fun. Middle school students can be unpredictable in their treatment of peers, especially if there is a display of more childish accessories and supplies. A notebook isn't a huge investment, and it will be used in short order. A book bag is a bigger ticket item. From the perspective of teacher and parent, I would recommend something less character intensive for the middle schooler in a book bag. Girls may be able to get away with an Angry Birds accessory, but I think a middle school boy wouldn't do well. Stick to stationary supplies.

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Angry Birds T-Shirts for Tweens

Angry birds t-shirts, on the other hand, are pretty clever and fun.

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