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Back to School Wristlets for Tweens

Updated on April 3, 2013

Back to School Wristlets for Tweens and Teens

One of the easiest purse styles to manage is the wristlet. It slips easily around a wrist for convenience, but it can equally tuck into a backpack or book bag for simple storage and security. A wristlet is an excellent tween organizational tool in that context because it provides a safe place to keep money, pens and pencils, calculators and lip gloss without creating a mess at the bottom of the book bag.

My tween and teen daughters love wristlet sized purses for organizing money and small items within a larger purse. The older girls who drive can grab the wristlets in order to be sure they have their licenses handy, and when we are heading out on a longer drive, the bigger purse has space for iPods and headphones.

Wristlets are great as alternatives to pencil pouches as they are hugely stylish. In fact, the affordability of wristlets for tweens makes it easy to justify having a couple of different ones to choose from.

Find the Three Cheers 4 Girls Zebra Sequin Wristlet, Black/White

Colorful Zebra Wristlets

Three Cheers 4 Girls Zebra Sequin Wristlet, Fuchsia
Three Cheers 4 Girls Zebra Sequin Wristlet, Fuchsia

Zebra stripes are trending, and this pink and zebra striped wristlet is colorful and cute for tweens and teens. It's perfect for lunch money and school tools, and it's ultra-affordable. This is also a fantastic gift idea for a neighbor girl, a babysitter, a child's classmate or for a niece or granddaughter. Tuck a gift card or some money in it to make it even more fun.


Floral Wrist Purses for Tweens and Teens

Wristlet Purse - Embroidered Dandelion
Wristlet Purse - Embroidered Dandelion

This cute wristlet design is one of three colors in the style. Again, very affordable, even compared to pencil pouches. Find trendy colors and cute motifs for your tween or teen daughter.


Detachable Wristlet Handles

Some models, like the one shown above, have detachable straps or handles, allowing them to serve as clutches too.

Do you love wristlets?

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