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back to sender a type of prayer i love

Updated on October 29, 2014

Back to sender ,Type of Prayer that i Love

Back to sender is a powerful prayer that we use to reject whatever evil foisted upon us by wicked and enviable people . It functions on three basic principles one of which is that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Although some people either by error of commission or omission believe it is a spiritual witch- craft ,however, there are many instances in the bible to confirm and affirm the importance of this prayer.

Back to sender
Back to sender

Back to Sender a Type of Prayer i Love

Type of Prayer i Enjoy so Much

The level of wickedness this days is so much that most people are not safe anymore . I don't know about other places but there is so much jealousy in some communities that some people are even ready to go to any length to bring others down . Granted, we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against principality and powers in high and low places .However, this powers can't function without a human agent . Nevertheless, one doesn't have to fold their hands and watch as this forces run riot in their life and determine what happens.Since attack is the best form of defense this is why there is a need for back to sender prayer.

Back to sender is refusing to accept a bad condition foisted upon us by enviable people either physically or spiritually by the use of prayer .Not only that ,returning it back to where it was coming from. It is rejecting the desires and wills of the devil through his human agents .Although many Christians regard it as pentecostal witch- craft by turning the preaching of Jesus-Christ on forgiveness on it's head .However, they forget to mention the golden rule which commands us to do unto others what we expect them to do unto us .The back-bone of this prayer is Isaiah chapter 54 vs 17. This verse says that no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper and any tongue that rises up against us we shall condemn by ourselves.

Back to sender operates on three basic principles, namely , whosoever comes to equity must come with clean hands .Secondly, whatever a man sows that he shall reap. Lastly ,he who rolls a bolder against others must be crushed by it.

There are so many examples of back to sender in the bible. In Acts12 vs15 Herod killed James and nothing happened and he was emboldened and tried to kill peter until the christians prayed out of anger and he died .Another good example of back to sender is when Harman in the book of Esther tried to kill the Jews through a decree but when Esther prayed, he was hung in the gallows .God can't come down to destroy evil people therefore he make use of his servants. Consequently , it is a sin for anyone to keep quiet only to cry and complain. .When the wickedness of a person becomes too much God pushes him into a conflict with a God fearing person then he will come to his rescue .Back to sender is the most effective strategy in spiritual warfare because it humbles our enemies and make them realize they don't have monopoly of power .The only way the wicked can learn is if the anger of the lord is released upon them . Remember a prayer-less christian is a powerless christian

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    • profile image

      amanda gboryou 

      3 years ago

      I believed in God's words. it inspired me all times it keeps me safe, healthy and strong it's a beautiful story there as well.

    • Legenden profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens! :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @paynui: Thanks for the comment

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Love your lens

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: Thanks for the comment

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Pinning this.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for the comment

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes, I understand the prayer. Great lens.


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