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Bald Fade: How To Cut A bald fade.

Updated on June 1, 2009

So you want to learn how to cut a bald fade huh?

Learn step by step different techniques on how to cut a bald fade. Bald fades are the easiest cut's to give in my book. A bald fade is a close cut shaved up to the temple with a straight razor or trimmers, then blended into the hair on top of the head. Below you will find detailed videos on how to give a bald fade haircut, pictures of men sporting the bald fade trend; and lots more juicy content!

How To Cut A Bald Fade.

Written Instructions.

Giving a bald fade is very easy once you get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect, so don't get upset if you jack your little brother's or cousin's head up. When I was thirteen. I was my own victim lol. My mom did not have enough money to get my hair cut so I took it into my own hands. My first attempt was with a pair of Vidal Sassoons. I had an even cut already so balding the bottom was easy. When it was time to fade my hair, I had no idea how. The next day of school was hell for me cause I had a chili bowl; the kids laughed and giggled. Guess what? I didn't let that get me down. I was determined to get it correct so I kept practicing. Well enough about me and my life experiences, it's your turn to get your bald fade on.

1. First you should brush or comb your client's hair in the pattern of which the hair grows. Now, using the correct guard, start lowering the client's hair. (See Tools Needed)

2. Pick up your Oysters and attach the five(00000) out blade. The five out blade balds the head. Turn on your Oysters and start on the right side of your client's head. Depending on your client, the bald fade can be high or low. This step is used to create a fade line on the client's head. Picture the side of the head divided roughly into thirds and place the line (low, medium, high) around the head parallel to the top of the head. Refer to the video for a better understanding if needed. You will want to have your Master Andis adjustable arm placed in the Low setting.

3. Once your fade line is in the desired position, start a second fade line 1inch above it. Adjust your fade arm on your Master Andis to the medium setting and place a second fade line parallel to your initial line. (See Video)

4. You now will need to fade or erase the lines you just created by blending the different hair lengths together. Adjust your fade arm to roughly the medium low setting and start cutting the hair from the bottom to about halfway to the second fade line you made.

5. You can now erase the first line by adjusting the clippers arm to the Low setting and using the same short angular strokes to erase the second line.

6. Next, you will need to line the hair up using the T edger. First, make sure the hair is brushed forward. Holding the edger with your palm grasping the top casing of the edger and your thumb on the back of the blade, press gently with the edger to start your line. You will want to start in the middle of the forehead and go towards one side. Make sure you duplicate the same line on the other side

7. Blend out any remaining lines by adjusting the lever on the Master Andis clipper to finish up the cut. Clean off any loose hair with your hair duster and rub 70% alcohol over head.

Time to put the finishing touches on that bald fade.

The T Edgers are perfect for trimming the mustache, around the ears, and edging.

If you notice in the videos the barbers use the T edgers to put the finishing touches on the bald fade.

Bald fade with designs (1)

Bald fade with designs (1)
Bald fade with designs (1)

Bald Fade with designs (2)

Bald Fade with designs (2)
Bald Fade with designs (2)

Famous Rapper T.I Rocks the bald fade.

Tip always keeps a fresh bald fade. I don't know who his barber is, but one thing I do know is that his bald fade is always clean! If your dreams are to become a professional barber I believe you can do it no matter your gender. How much you think T.I would pay you to cut his hair? I'm guessing, probably around $50 to $100 dollars. $100 dollars just to cut a bald fade haircut would put a smile on my face for sure. How about you?

Nelly likes the lite fade. - A little different from the bald fade.

Nelly likes the lite fade with a number 2 against the grain or 1/2 with the grain on the top. Against the grain means: Cutting the hair off in the opposite direction that the hair grows. With the grain means: Cutting the hair in the direction which it grows. A lite fade is a slightly different from the bald fade. Were the bald fade is bald; the lite fade is not. Take a look at the photo.

Spiderman bald fade (1)

Spiderman bald fade (1)
Spiderman bald fade (1)

Spiderman bald fade (2)

Spiderman bald fade (2)
Spiderman bald fade (2)


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