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Confusion regarding the eligibility for Director/Principal of Engg./Technical Institutes

Updated on February 20, 2011

The Honourable Minister,

Ministry of Human Resource Development,

Government of India, New Delhi

Subject:  Confusion regarding the eligibility for Director/Principal of Engg./Technical Institutes

Hon’ble Sir,

Most humbly and respectfully, we would like to appreciate the initiatives taken by you in making the bodies like All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and University Grants Commission, New Delhi more efficient and transparent. The transparency and fairness introduced has improved the images of both these regulatory bodies. We would like to draw your kind attention towards an issue that is becoming a controversy in all the academic institutions regulated by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi. The issue is regarding the eligibility for the post of Director/Principal of Engineering or Technical Colleges approved by AICTE.

In this context, following points are brought to your kind notice:

1.       The eligibility for the post of Director/ Principal of Technical/Engineering Institutes as per AICTE norms both old as well as new is mentioned in attachments 1 & 2. As per these norms, the persons with Ph.D. in Applied Sciences, i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and humanities are also eligible for this post. This fact is further established as per the information provided by AICTE under RTI Act ( Attachment 3).

2.       Currently many colleges are denying the above mentioned eligibility conditions for the persons with Ph. D. in applied sciences, for appointment of Principal/Director. Moreover, we fail to understand how the same norms could be interpreted differently by differently people. This confusion has been created by the persons who were responsible for posting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their replies on the AICTE official website. The applied sciences are integral part of all engineering branches. The posts of the Professors/Assistant Professors are sectioned in applied sciences on the same pattern as for engineering branches.

3.       The faculty of applied sciences is guiding almost all branches of engineering students for their Ph.D. degree in various institutes.

4.       It is pertinent to mention here that at least 30 to 40% Engineering Colleges approved by AICTE, New Delhi all over the country have persons with Ph.D. in these fields as Principals/Directors. Even in TTTIs/NITs persons with applied science background are eligible and occupying the position of director.

5.       To surmount this all the IITs which are the torch bearers of technical education in India have no objection in appointing persons having Ph.Ds in disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their directors.

Obviously some vested interests working in the engineering disciplines want to keep a closed network and do not want to allow the persons from other disciples to enter these institutions lest their monopoly is lost. They are suffering from a fear psychosis. In this world of multi-disciplinary teaching and research raising arbitrary barriers cannot save the system for a long time.  We fail to understand how a Professor from the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is lesser competent to head a technical institute as compared to a person from engineering discipline. Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, Professor C. V. Raman, Professor Vikaram Sarabai and Prof. P. C. Ray were from the disciplines of Physics/ Chemistry, but their contributions to technology is no less. Only a shortsighted person can overlook the contributions of these pioneers who were never having any engineering degree.

Moreover, by no stretch of imagination persons having engineering degrees are sufficient in number to provide the required manpower to head all the Technical/Engineering Institutes all over the country. Thus, the resolution of this controversy and recognizing the persons available in disciplines like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as eligible for the post of Directors/ Principals of the Engineering/Technical Institutes will serve the purpose on the one hand and give their due place to the well deserving and qualified persons on the other hand.

In view of the above, your personal intervention is earnestly requested to sort out this matter which has potential of snowballing in a major controversy resulting in unnecessary litigations.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

                                                                     Attachment I

                                     OLD Eligibility criteria for the post of Director/Principal


FACULTY NORMS for Minimum qualification and experience prescribed for teaching post in technical institutions as mentioned in the earlier AICTE: Hand Book for Approval Process on page number 96.

SL. No.



Director / Principal /

Head of Institute



Professor in relevant discipline with total experience of 15 (fifteen) years in the field of Teaching / Industry / Research.

The maximum age for holding the post of Director / Principal shall be 65 years.

Attachment 2

New eligibility criteria for the post of Director-Principal

New Faculty Norms as mentioned and published in the GAZETTE OF INDIA: EXTRAORDINARY [PART III-SEC.4] under the head ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION

[Pay scaled, Services Conditions and Qualifications for the Teachers and other Academic Staff in Technical Institutions (Degree) Regulations, 2010] Notification (Page number 20-35)  

Faculty norm (Page number 34)





Principal/ Director

Qualification as above that is for the posy of Professor, as applicable.

Post PhD publication and guiding publications and guiding PhD students s highly desirable

Minimum of 10 year experience in teaching/ Research/ Industry out of which at least 3 years shall be at the level of Professor.


Minimum of 13 years experience in teaching and/ or Research and/ or Industry.

In case of research experience good academic record and books/ research paper publications/ IPR/ patents record shall be required as deemed fit by the expert members of the selection committee.

If the experience in industry is considered, the same shall be at managerial level equivalent to Professor level with active participation record in devising/ designing, developing, planning, executing, analyzing, quality control, innovating, training, technical books/ research paper publications/ IPR/ patents, etc. as deemed fit by the expert members of the selection committee

Flair for Management and Leadership is essential.

In case of Architecture, Professional Practice of 10 years as certified by the council of Architecture shall also be considered valid.


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    • profile image

      athisayam 22 months ago

      whether a Principal of a self financing college under Anna university can be a Correspondent to a Aided Higher secondary school. working hours of the said two institution is from morning 9 am to 5 pm. the distance between the instution is 10kms. please help me.

    • profile image

      rgbulusu 2 years ago

      is MSc MPhil PhD eligible for principal in engineering colleges @andhra pradesh and Telangana

    • profile image

      vprakasharmy 2 years ago

      I am a PhD in chemistry with a working experience of 18 years in a engineering college. My management is willing to keep me as Principal but my University is saying no to my appointment. What should I do.

    • profile image

      subodh kant singh 2 years ago

      I am a & P.hD .Can I apply for Science College as a Directorship/Principal etc.

      Why people from engineering background are not eligible for the post of principal and director in Arts and science colleges?

    • profile image

      Prof. S.Kumar 2 years ago

      I was in IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay as scientist in Chemical engineering and chemistry department.I also served ISM Dhanbad and BITS mesra as a simple teacher.These are premier technical institution of indian nation.

      I have close interaction with many Professor of Chemistry and Physics who became a successful Director of IIT like Prof. Rajpal Singh Sirohi (physics) at IITD,Prof.P.Mathur(Chemistry) in IIT Indore,Prof.Bhaumik in Patna.Similarly,BITS Mesra Prof.P.K.Barhi,Professor of Physics,BITS Pilani,a chemistry Professor became Director,

      Even In TTTI Bhopal,Prof.V. Agarwal (Chemistry) .All these Professor become a Proudful Director of the Prestigious Technical Institute.Even,I was Prof. & Principal in samll engineering College in Bagpat in Gopichand group where Chairman is Educationist and scholar Dr.R.K.Singh and Retired Principal of Government college.There are so many other Professor of Science especially Physics, Chemistry who became Director/Principal of Technical Institutions.Even Many professor of Physics became Professor in Mechanical eng. department,Matereligical eng.,.Many Chemistry Professor became Professor in Petroleium,Chemical,Textile engineering,Mathematics Professor became Professor in Computer science.It is now obvious.Off-course, Mostly Engineering professor have lesser publication in terms of Quality(Impact factor of ISI-USA) and Patent.So, They have inferior feeling with science Professor.They usually get opportunity in rule amendment committee who want to remove science people and want to make a clear road for engineering people so that they can easily compete in the recruitment of College principal in

      A renowned academician does look for B.Tech education only.They consider PG,Doctoral Postdoctoral,Sr,Postdoctoral research activities which are an integral part of Technology.Without science research,a technologist do not get any perfect clue for Technology research.Without advance research in Physics and chemistry,engineering people do not get direct path for research.The research of Physics and Chemistry play mentor role in good quality research in Engineering.These subject are parent and mentor for engineering research.Engineering people are depend on physics and chemistry but these two subject never depend on him.

      So,it obvious, but selection of principal depend on search or selection committee or management.AICTE will not rise any question if Director have good leadership because IIT,NIT,ISM,BITS,BIT are prestigious engineering institution in indain nation in government or Private sector.

    • profile image

      Prof.Govardhan 2 years ago

      My qualifications are BE ECE with ME CSE and PhD CSE with 23 years of teaching experience in engineering (private self supporting) college

      when i appeared for Direct recruitment for the post of Professor in CSE , even after receiving my call letter, they are saying i am not eligible due to cross major is not eligible as per AICTE norms. But AICTE says very clearly BE and ME with PhD in relevant branch

      if BE ECE is not a relevant branch why did they permit us to study ME CSE?

      any one please help me in this regard

    • profile image

      Prof RDS Johal 2 years ago

      are people from engineering background eligible for the post of principal and director in Arts and science colleges?

    • profile image

      R.K.Sharma 3 years ago

      I filed a case in Allahabad High Court on AICTE with this issue in the year 2011 but lawyer did not take interest since I alone filed the case and his fee was quite high. If we join together the decision may be in our favour. My email ID, Mobile 09897725789

    • profile image

      a k singh 4 years ago

      Point raised by Dr navneet is good enough but no government authority is ready to clarify it because I have also filed RTI to AICTE, UGC MDU, DU and Delhi technical board but no one has replied till now. In this context kind support of Dr bhawna pareek will help to people of this fraternity. All she need to do is to send/post her joining and qualifications details on website or to 09811986037.

    • profile image

      Dr. Arun Kumar Varshney 4 years ago

      I have done Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1995. I am a principal in a MCA instutues But when I apply in a Technical institute, they reject my application due i have not technical degree. Any person take a position as a professor,but not as a principal or director. AICTE rule sayes that a professor may be principal / director according "Aproval process hand book 2011-12. I request to cocern person or department,for removal of this confusion early as possible as.

    • profile image

      dr bhawna pareek 4 years ago

      i have done ph.d in chemistry and working as dean acadmic in engg college from last 8 years under kuk .applied science are the basic subject . even in admission in engg. college student requrie pcm ,tn hw it is possible.

    • profile image

      shreaysh mane 4 years ago

      Ialsodid in electronic .but when i apply in engineering college they said you donot have basic quilification B.E. / so if you have any answer please send me .

    • profile image

      Prof.RajKumar yadav 4 years ago


      People working in AICTE Committee are all B.Tech.,M.Tech. hence they feel joulious with Science People hence they create problems only nothing else

    • profile image

      Dr ADKAR D S 4 years ago

      Thanx for sharing your information on net, if any latest status avaliable please put on net or any help required please communicate to me my email id is: d_adkar@rediffmail@com

    • profile image

      Ajay kumar Goel 5 years ago

      i command experience of about 33 yrs across varous domain areas-tchno commercial and teaching as well across difft. industrial verticals.i have exhibited exemplary extra curricular activities as well i have done BE. ( HONS.) CIVIL IN 1977 from BITS. pilani and then MBA -1978-80. also from BITS .pilani . i have worked with NTPC, MECON, JINDALS.PETRON. SIRIUS INFORMATICS.CROMPTON GREAVES. SME'S.PIONEER NEWS PAPER.etc. i am 58 yrs now and would like to go for the education field for the rest of life.

      iam a person with high integrity ,passion, drive ,quality and a sense of purpose. could u advice me on joining some educational institute as dean/principal/ head for teaching and over all management

      thnx regards .-ajay kumar goel -9268661546- delhi

    • profile image

      Dr NAVNEET DABRA 5 years ago

      Dear Dr Ajay Singh,

      Okay are right, we sent the mentioned letter to the Minister, MHRD and after that I have few examples where the peoples from Basic Sciences back ground are working at the post of Director of a government and private insititutes, but I did not have the document verified by AICTE, New Delhi. We have to fight to get our right and have appeal further. Thnaks and be in touch and also requested to send the RTI to AICTE regrdaing this and post on the website if you get some further intimation.

    • profile image

      Ajay singh 5 years ago

      All the baseless answers are available by chairmen of colleges bodies and members of AICTE and affiliating universities but no body allowing a professor in applied science or a professor with M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D. for the post of Director/Principal. The only option is to going court.

    • profile image

      chakravarthy 7 years ago



    • profile image

      Professor Harsh 7 years ago

      I agree fully that all applies sciences should be considered along with engineering/technology qualifications for the appointment of Director/Principal. We cannot imagine engineering/technology without applied sciences. However, I myself is having four research degrees including engineering one but it does not mean that I should violate the law of nature.


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