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Updated on January 8, 2008

Story of Behula_Folklore of Bengal(India)

This collage is based on Bengali folk story about the wrath of snake goddess Manasa Devi who tormented Chand merchant's family to extract the 'worship' from Chand she needed for being established as a deity.

Chand was a devotee of Shiva and steadfastly refused to bow to pressure Manasa exerted on him.He lost his wealth, reputation and even some of his sons.

Behula, the daughter-in-law of Chand, travelled alone with the dead body of her snake-bitten husband Lakhinder in a make-shift boat, through unknown lands and many hazards, to the heaven and danced to please the gods and 'earned' the life of Lakhinder as the reward.

i quote below the poem I wrote on this collage :

' Behula, dance

Lakhinder's dead body is longing

For you to perform the miracle

To give it back its life

Behula ,dance

Do you feel his sigh around you?

His unfulfilled passion

His pining for holding you in his arms once more

And many more times.....


The gods are waiting for you

Your supple body in rythmic motion

Streching beyond human limits


Before despair clouds your hope,your determination

Dance Behula dance.'

A collage prepared by me
A collage prepared by me


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    • shyamchat profile image

      shyamchat 9 years ago from Calcutta

      this part of the story is about being courageous and extra-ordinarily gifted.

      having two left legs, in a way , extra-ordinary too !  

      had behula been a poor dancer, the story wd been chaneled in another direction.

    • profile image

      kunle 9 years ago

      I like the story, but what of if i have two ,left legs?