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Best Arabic Language Courses

Updated on October 22, 2015
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I am Engish, learned Latin and Afrikaans at school and a smattering of other languages as needed. Different cultures and words fascinate me

Learn to speak Arabic using language software

Years ago I did start to learn a little Arabic myself.

It was quite interesting to follow the language structure, because it is a bit different from European languages, in that, whereas our words change at the end to change the tenses, Arabic changes in the middle.

Also,Arabic is read from right to left, and, of course, the letter forms are very different.


Above is a Picture of the Alhambra Palace at Granada, Spain

Spain was briefly occupied by Berber and North African Muslims between 711 and 788. They landed in Gibraltar, which is very close to Morocco, separated only by the Gibraltar Straits at the entry point to the Mediterranean.

The Arabic or Moorish influence is still evident particularly in Andalusia in Southern Spain, in architecture and language - for instance, the word "el", meaning "the", is a corruption of the Arabic word "al".

Traditional Spanish music and singing also carries the Moorish influence of the Middle East, and is very distinctive from the music pf other parts of Europe.

So you not only have to learn a new language, Arabic, but also a new alphabet, and a new way of using grammatical forms, and pronunciation of unfamiliar sounds

Quite a challenge.

I didn't pursue my Arabic language course, as I was studying for my new career as a solicitor, but I still use the occasional phrase. I live in a very ethnically mixed area - 136 different languages are spoken in our local schools - and when I go to one of our Halal butchers, they all look delighted when I say hallo or goodbye to them in their own language.

Below are 3 Arabic Language Courses, Arabic/English Dictionaries and videos of the Arabic Alphabet and modern Arabian Music

Check out the Arabic language software on this page

Happy hunting in your quest to gain another language skill!

I'm showing you several different Arabic courses here, but this page would be too long if I were to include even more language programs, so if you can't see the language courses you were looking for, you can just point and click on any of the items shown below and you will be transported to the website, where you can browse for the language course of your choice.

Rosetta Stone Arabic Language Course Levels 1 - 3 Set

Learn Arabic: Rosetta Stone Arabic - Level 1-3 Set
Learn Arabic: Rosetta Stone Arabic - Level 1-3 Set

This is a very substantial and in-depth course, and when you've completed it, you will be able to converse and do business in Arabic, and enter into discussions, watch Arabic films, and generally make out like an Arab. You might even be tempted to like sheep's eyes, a local delicacy.


Rosetta Stone Arabic Language Course - Level 1

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Arabic Level 1 including Audio Companion
Rosetta Stone Homeschool Arabic Level 1 including Audio Companion

You will have online one-to-one training and general interaction to help you to learn Arabic.

You will be able to learn basic Arabic conversational skills, including greetings and introductions, simple questions and answers, shopping and much more.


Arabic Alphabet on YouTube: Learn Arabic Alphabet

Arabic Version - Hotel California

Scheherazade - a taste of the Arabian Nights


Are you planning to learn Arabic? - Let's see what you all say in this Poll:

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Egyptian Dog Deity


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    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      @Gypzeerose: I'm delighted - thanks a lot

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 3 years ago

      You are always up to something cool and interesting, and I love coming to your lenses. Pinned to my foreign languages board.

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 4 years ago from USA

      Another cool lens. I'd say you just about have the language market cornered...