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Best CNA Practice Tests

Updated on April 15, 2014

Want to Discover the Best CNA Practice Tests and Not Waste Your Money?

Right now, the market is over flowing with so called "CNA Practice Tests" that promise to help you prepare for the CNA exam but in most cases, this is not true. Because of the ever growing need for Certified Nursing Assistants to assist with the growing populations of those in under health care or elderly needing assistance, the amount of interest in getting certified as a nursing assistant continues to grow.

Yet, in order to take advantage of this growing niche in the market, many marketers are now creating websites devoted to giving you "free CNA Practice Tests" and "Secrets towards success in the CNA Exam." But this is a farce. They know just as much as I do on the subject and are just trying to selling you products that ultimately won't help.

So to help you find the best CNA Practice tests that are legitimate and will actually help you, I contacted a bunch of CNAs who recently passed their exams and asked them which resources were out there that not only prepared them effectively but also followed the guidelines of the test and were written by professions. The below information comes straight from the lips of Certified Nursing Assistants that not only passed the CNA exam, but are also living out their dream.

So What Makes a CNA Practice Test Better than the Rest?

These parts can makes the difference between passing and failing

So what makes a CNA Practice Test worth your time or money? After all, if it asks questions and gives you answer, you should be fine right? Wrong! Most of the free Practice Tests online will do exactly that and only give you a random question with a answer but will not help you to learn or focus your studies as to improve and prepare better for the CNA test.

So, when looking for the right CNA Practice Test, look for Practice Tests and offer the following things:

  • Explained Answers- In most cases you will find exams that just give you an A, B, C, or D answer. But this only helps you so much. When looking for a top-notch CNA practice test, make sure to find out that gives you an explanation as to why a certain option was correct and a certain option was not. In most cases, all of the options are somewhat correct, but one of them is more correct. You will find that the exam does this a lot. Therefore the ability to see examples of questions like this with explanations, will help you greatly.
  • Categorization of the Questions- The CNA exam is actually broken up into different types of questions. There are subjects such as Activities of Daily LIving, Basic Nursing Skills, Restorative Skills, Emotional and Mental Heath Needs, Spiritual and Cultural Health Needs, Communication, Client Rights, Legal and Ethical Behavior, and Roles in a Health Care Team. The reason why these categories should be important is that when you take a practice test, if you find that you constantly score low of Client Rights questions, then you should spend more time reading and researching resources on Client Rights. Furthermore, this will help you to gage your weak areas and strengthen them before you take the CNA Exam.

If you find a well written CNA Practice test that has these two qualities above, you will be ahead of the game and will surely be prepared to take the CNA Exam.

The Best CNA Study Guides and Practice Tests

So to help find the best CNA practice tests out there, here is a list of practice tests and study guides that adequately follow the guidelines of the CNA Exam, offers the best in information about the CNA and is the closest representation to the CNA Exam as possible.

Some are free and others will cost a little money. The free ones are great for a little practice but for as little as $11 you can not only access 2 legitimate practice exams and professional insight to the CNA exam, but also find extremely helpful technique and secrets to preparing for the exam itself.

So read on and if you have taken any of these exams or tried any of these study guides, PLEASE comment below and let others know what you think!

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram

This is the best and most comprehensive CNA Study Guide on the market. Written by true professionals and specialists in the field, the CNA Exam Cram is your best bang for the buck. It features two practice tests and a solid pretest to help you get started.

CNA Exam Prep: Nurse Assistant Practice Test Questions (Exam Prep Series) (Volume 1)
CNA Exam Prep: Nurse Assistant Practice Test Questions (Exam Prep Series) (Volume 1)

This would be my second favorite and should be bought in conjunction with the CNA Exam Cram. Many test takers believe that this study guide is easier to read and shares more information, however, I would say that the practice test in this study guide needs a little more work.

CNA Study Guide: with Practice Tests & Flashcards
CNA Study Guide: with Practice Tests & Flashcards

This really isn't a study guide but more like a large source of practice tests, and flash cards. I believe that this should only be bought, if you want to test yourself and that is it.


A Video CNA Practice Test - Not as useful as the list above, but just another way of learning

Some people, like myself, prefer videos instead of books. So incase you are one of those people too, here is a video CNA Practice Test. Enjoy!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you are armed with the best CNA Practice Tests in the market, you now have to tools to not only access your ability to take the CNA exam, but also the experience and confidence you will need in passing the CNA test.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that this article helped you in your endeavor towards becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. It truly is a rich and rewarding career that has great job security and a promising future.

Furthermore, if you have any recommendations or advice for future test takers, please please please comment below. The purpose of this article is to help those who are looking to take the CNA exam. So please share your knowledge and wisdom and make the internet a better place.

What Helped You the Most in Preparing for the CNA Exam? - Help Share the Wealth!

What helped you the most in preparing for the CNA Exam?

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