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Bigfoot Facts

Updated on May 7, 2015

Bigfoot is perhaps the most famous of all cryptids and has been around in legends and Native American stories for hundreds of years, and maybe longer in other parts of the world.

Some Native cave paintings depicting Bigfoot and Bigfoot families date back at least four hundred years giving some date range for documented accounts in North America.

The legend of Bigfoot is still actively debated with new organizations appearing all the time dedicated to the research of this hairy giant. Bigfoot appears to have as many non-believers as it does believers.

Comparing a mans foot to a Bigfoot footprint cast
Comparing a mans foot to a Bigfoot footprint cast

5. The Name Bigfoot

The name Bigfoot is quite self-explanatory but when was it first used? It happened in 1957 when a construction crew working on stretch of new highway in the Pacific North West found a set of giant footprints at their construct site and made plaster casts of them. A local newspaper ran the story and coined the name Bigfoot to describe the creature that may have made them.

The creature was named long before any newspaper articles though in the Native American legends of North America. They named the creature "Sasahevas", which translates to Sasquatch and means "wild man" or "hairy giant".

Besides the names Sasquatch and Bigfoot similar creatures are named differently around the world. For example in Russia it is called "Alma", the Cherokee Indians in North Carolina call the creatures "Chickly Cudly". In Scotland they are referred to as "Fear Liath" and the Chinese named it "Gin-sung".

Image - Patterson Bigfoot cast

Bigfoot distribution map of North America
Bigfoot distribution map of North America

4. Distribution

Stories of Sasquatch can be found in local and regional legends on every continent, except Antarctica. It is said to make its home in wooded areas and is thought to migrate to accommodate food sources and for mating purposes.

Though the creature in each of these areas is known by a different name and may vary slightly in appearance the basics are the same. All stories involve a giant ape like creature living in wooded areas, areas that normally wouldn't have ape like creatures living in them.

A large concentration of sightings happen along the western coast of North America, this may be because of the heavily forested areas along the coast lines.

Image - Distribution of Bigfoot sightings in North America

More About Bigfoot

Photo of Bigfoot
Photo of Bigfoot

3. Physical Characteristics

Although the physical descriptions of Bigfoot vary from region to region and culture to culture some of the creatures attributes remain constant.

These creatures all seem to emit the same types of sounds as well including everything from low growls to high pitch shrieks and screams. Find a very creepy collection of alleged Bigfoot vocalizations at Even if they aren't real, they will make the hair on your neck stand.

Here is a list of statistics which seem to be similar in all reported sightings.

  • Height - Between 7 - 12 feet tall.
  • Weight - Has been estimated to be between 450 - 1000 lbs.
  • Hair - Is usually dark colored and has been described as dark brown, black, and reddish brown.
  • Skin Color - Described as dark as well ranging from black and brown to a dark tan color.
  • Facial Features - Ape like in appearance with a low brow line, thin lips and flat upturned nose.
  • Eyes - Black, dark brown or red.
  • Odour - Foul smelling with a musky skunk like scent. This has led to the nick name skunk ape in some parts of America.

Image - Bigfoot photo Purchase print

Patterson and Gimlin examining footprint casts.
Patterson and Gimlin examining footprint casts.

2. Notable Documented Sightings

Literally hundreds of documented sightings of Bigfoot have been reported over the years. Some of the most notable are the 1957 media reported finding of giant footprints in the pacific North West.

The first recorded documentation of Bigfoot occurred in 1811. A trapper named David Thompson in Northern Canada found giant footprints and reported it to the local newspaper. From that time on reports continued to surface often times seeming more fantastic then possible.

1924 saw three very notable incidents documented, the first being the abduction of a lumberjack named Albert Ostman by a family of Sasquatch, eventually escaping to tell his tale. The second was located near Mount St. Helens in Washington at a mining camp. Miners claimed to have shot and killed a Bigfoot; their cabin was then attacked later that night by a group of Sasquatch and abandoned the camp all together. The third also comes from the Mount St. Helens region with the claim by a forest ranger in the area having his cabin attacked through the night by screaming apes.

Probably the most famous of all documented sightings involved the Patterson/Gimlin filming of a Bigfoot near a creek bed in Orleans California in 1967. This film footage has been studied more than any other and has been discredited as often as it has been proven to be genuine. Below is the video for your consideration.

Sony camera ad
Sony camera ad

1. Bigfoot In Popculture

The name Bigfoot is now being used to sell everything from wireless network cards to recreational vehicles and probably won't stop being a popular product name choice until the fascination of Bigfoot wears off.

Bigfoot has appeared in at least 30 movies, some made for TV and others were sent straight to DVD. Some of the movies are watchable and some are not, let us know if you have seen any that we should watch in the comments.

More and more research organizations are appearing all the time in a quest to find more information about this hairy giant which only help to fuel the popularity of Bigfoot. Here's hoping they find some solid evidence of our favorite hairy giant.

Image credit - Sony camera advertisement - Capture the truth

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    • Arco Hess Designs profile image

      Arco Hess 3 years ago from Kansas City, Kansas

      I love bigfoot. All the legends surrounding it is amazing. I think at one time it could have existed, today, however, not so much, at least not in places like California or Oregon. Those areas are too populated and have way too many tourists for it not to be proven real by now.

    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 5 years ago

      Never knew we had a Squatch in NYS till I started wtaching Monster Quest. Cool Lens!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      enjoyed my visit to your lens tonight, thanks for the reading and photos, interesting indeed!