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Biomes Worksheets

Updated on January 6, 2015

Biome Activity Sheets for Students

A biome, short for biological home, is a large-scale ecosystem governed by climate patterns. Animals and plants can survive in a huge variety of different habitats, from steamy tropical rain forests at the equator, to windswept, frozen regions near the poles. Certain plants and animals tend to flourish in different communities.

Although the plants and animals in a particular biome on one continent will differ from those in the same biome on a different continent, they are likely to live in a similar way. For example, on grasslands you will find a variety of grazing animals as well as larger carnivores which feed on these grazers.

This page contains a collection of biome worksheets for K-12 including maps, looking at biotic and abiotic characteristics, and a more detailed look at the following:

* desert

* taiga

* tropical rain forest

* grasslands

* tundra

* chaparral

* ocean

These activity pages will help students to learn more about the various biological homes in our world.

What does biotic mean?

What does abiotic mean?

Above pictures from veggiegretz and clarita at morguefile

Biome Maps to Print

Getting students to mark the different biomes on a map will help him to understand how they all fit together, and to understand different climates around the world. You could also print out a map of your own country or continent and get him to mark in the different climate zones of more familiar territory.

Mark the biomes on a world map using the map image provided, or use the blank world map below.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the PDFs for lesson 1. The student sheets get the student to mark on a map where they think the different biomes are based on supplied data (temperature, vegetation, rainfall and carbon dioxide).

Links checked June 2013

Blank World Map

blank world map with longitude and latitude
blank world map with longitude and latitude

Picture courtesy of WP Clipart.

Biome Characteristics

Search for Biome worksheet for a printable page to fill in with details of location, climate, other environmental factors, plants, animals

Scroll down to the Games section for animal, plant, and weather worksheets, and also a biome names word search.

Click on the picture icon next to wordsearch for a word search puzzle. Answers available. Also click on the picture icon next to crossword puzzle for a crossword puzzle.

Venn diagram comparing climates of three different biomes (teachers or students choose which three) << Link broken? Aug 2013

Land biomes (tundra, taiga, deciduous forest, grasslands, tropical rain forest, desert) questions and short answers.

There are several scavenger hunts for different age groups on this page specifically for Saint Louis Zoo, but it may be possible to modify these worksheets to suit another zoo. Look for animal adaptations, animals around the world, and biomes for worksheets to help learn about biomes.

Simple activity sheets about characteristics of some different habitats - fill in the gaps, scrambled sentences, and anagrams.

A worksheet for students to write their own reports on any biome. Includes sections for description, animals, and plants.

Links checked Aug 2013

Helpful Books

These beautifully illustrated books are suitable for elementary students. They describe the biome, show a map and some of the plants and animals living in the community, and also allows the student to see the work of a scientist who works in each region.

List of biomes available on this page



Tropical Rain Forest


Tundra / Arctic



desert biome
desert biome

Deserts are areas which receive only a small amount of rain, usually less than 6" or 15cm per year. We are all familiar with the hot sandy or rocky deserts, but they can also be cold, such as the Gobi Desert in China / Mongolia).

Label the major deserts of the world on the world map. The names and a description of where each desert lies is included on the sheet.

Label the objects in the desert and name some desert animals.

On this page you'll find What am I? (Desert tortoise) and a desert plants worksheet

Scroll down the page to the heading Desert Animals Picture Puzzles. There are three sheets here:

  • Desert crossword puzzle (with pictures)
  • Desert crossword puzzle (with pictures and words)
  • Desert crossword puzzle (with pictures, words, and misspellings)

Desert Coloring Pages

Desert Coloring Pages

On this page you'll find a large variety of desert animals (mammals, reptiles, birds, and others), desert plants and desert scenes to color.

Grasslands - (Savanna / prairie / velds / pampas / llanos / campo)

grasslands biome
grasslands biome

The rainfall in grasslands is enough to support grass, but not many trees. There are also periodic fires. They are called prairies or plains in North America, savannas in Africa, steppes in Asia, and pampas in South America.

Lots of grassland biome worksheets, including crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, coloring pages, favorite savannah animal and bar graph, scrambled words, and more.

Animal adaptations in the great plains and grasslands worksheet (after watching the BBC Planet Earth DVD)

Scroll down the page to the heading Pictures of Grassland Animals - Puzzles for three activity sheets:

  • Grasslands crossword puzzle with picture clues
  • Grasslands crossword puzzle with picture clues and word bank
  • Grasslands crossword puzzle with picture clues, word bank, and misspellings

grasslands coloring pages
grasslands coloring pages

Grasslands Coloring Pages

Grasslands Coloring Pages

Learn about some of the animals found in grasslands of the world by coloring some pictures.

Tropical Rainforests

tropical rain forest biome
tropical rain forest biome

Tropical rainforests get such a large rainfall, that the fertility of the soil is reduced because the nutrients get washed away. But they do have a huge diversity of species in these areas.

Scroll down to find a Rain Forest Word Search puzzle

Rainforest crossword puzzle

On this page you'll find a rain forest crossword puzzle (and answer key) and 2 rain forest word find puzzles at different levels (with answer keys)

Links checked Feb 2014

rain forest coloring pages
rain forest coloring pages

Jungle Coloring Pages

Rain Forest Coloring Pages

Pictures of animals and plants found in rain forests around the world to color, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, and plants.

Taiga / Boreal Forests

taiga biome
taiga biome

The taiga, boreal forest, or coniferous forest experiences very high snowfall and harsh winters. This biome is dominated by cone-bearing evergreen trees, such as spruce and fir, which provide food and shelter for the animals which live there.

Worksheets on Canada's boreal forest for different ages

At the top of the page there is a boreal forest adaptations worksheet. Scroll down for three boreal forest coloring pages / identifying plants and animals activity sheets

Word searches, crosswords, and worksheets about the boreal forest and the people who live there. Note: If you can't this link to work, try this link to the worksheets instead.

Links checked Apr 2014

Tundra / Arctic

tundra biome
tundra biome

Tundras are frozen plains for most of the year. It is only during summer that the ice above the permafrost melts leaving behind large marshy areas. These areas don't receive much rain and winter days are very short. Only the toughest plants and animals manage to live here.

Lots of ocean biome worksheets, including crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, coloring pages, favorite Arctic animal and bar graph, scrambled words, and more.

Arctic animal crossword puzzle, word search and cloze passage (fill in the blanks)

Mapping and animal adaptations in Antarctica and the Arctic worksheet (after watching the BBC Planet Earth DVD)

Links checked May 2013

Shrublands / Chaparral Worksheets

chaparral biome
chaparral biome

The Charparral or Mediterranean biome is a semi-arid zone, much smaller than other types. It experiences dry summers and gentle winter rains and occasional fires.

Click on the Download the Shrublands Curriculum link. There is lots of information here, teaching ideas, and several worksheets, including identifying plants and animals, and adaptations of plants and animals which live in the shrublands.

Scroll down to week 3 for a reading comprehension worksheet about Chaparral Ecosystems.

Word search puzzle with words related to the animals, plants, and characteristics of the Chaparral ecosystem.

Links checked May 2013

Aquatic Regions


Ocean / Marine Worksheets

ocean biome
ocean biome

There are actually several different zones in the ocean biome which are inhabited by vastly different plants and animals, such as the intertidal zone or the deep ocean zone. The intertidal zone is where the ocean meets the land. Plants and animals have to be able to cope with wave activity and alternatively being exposed to the air and the water due to rising and falling tides. The deep ocean is cold and dark and creatures living here have to withstand huge pressures.

K-3 marine animal worksheets. There are fact files, math funsheets, crossword puzzles, and more.

On this page you'll find quizzes (with answer keys) at three different levels, word finds (with answer keys) at three different levels, a crossword puzzle (with answer key), and lined and unlined decorated writing paper

Click on a topic in the index on the left hand side of the page and then on the student pages button at the bottom of the page for some information and activity pages for students. Some of the pages include:

  • Sea Secrets - information and a worksheet about mapping the ocean floor.
  • Pollution Solution - an experiment, and worksheets about pollution in the ocean and cleaning up oil spills.
  • Stranded Along the Coast - information and worksheets about marine animal strandings.
  • Sea Connections - printable card game for exploring food chains / webs in four different ocean ecosystems - kelp forest, coral reef, hydrothermal vent, and polar ocean. There is also a worksheet for students to fill in after the game.

ocean coloring pages
ocean coloring pages

Ocean Animal Coloring Pages

Ocean Animal Coloring Pages

Learn about ocean animals with by coloring animals from this biome, including mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and invertebrates.

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