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Looking for a Blank World Map? Free Printable World Maps to Use in Class

Updated on February 18, 2013

Are you an educator looking for a free blank printable map of the world?

Whether you be a homeschooler preparing your children for a lesson in geography or a geography teacher looking for material to distribute in class, these free printable maps of the world will certainly come in handy.

You can have your students use a blank world map when labelling the countries and/or continents of the world for homework or for an exam. If the map is without borders, you can encourage your students to learn the boundaries between the various countries and continents in the world by having them draw them in. What's more, being blank, each student can colour the map as he or she pleases.

On this page, you will find a number of blank printable maps of the world. There are a number of styles available for download - all you have to do is pick the perfect one for your class!

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Free Printable World Map (Grey and White)

This printable map of the world is available for download on Wikimedia Commons. As you can see, it shows the countries of the world as a conglomerate without borders or names. If you wish to teach the borders between countries/continents as well as their various names, this map would work very well. The only issue is that, being grey, it is a challenge to colour.

Blank Printable Map of the World (Grey and White)

Here is another version for download of a blank printable world map via Wikimedia Commons. This map, unlike the one shown above, shows the boundaries between countries and continents, but does not list their names.

Free Printable Angular World Map (Black and White)

This free printable world map made by Tom-b via Wikimedia Commons features the countries and continents of the world in an angular style. In the original version, the continents were coloured grey. To facilitate the colouring and naming of the countries in class, I have rendered the image black and white.

How should I use my blank world map?

Now that I have it, how do I use it?

Blank maps are an incredibly useful tool in teaching world geography. By designing their own personal map, students will find it easier to remember country and continent names, boundaries, topography, population distribution, and anything else you plan on teaching.

An activity my geography teacher often used to do with us in class to help us remember country names was "Name That Country" - a simple game with an effective outcome. After studying the country names as a class, he would list off ten to twenty names which we would have to subsequently write down on our blank maps next to the right country. Whoever got the most countries right would win the game.

If games aren't your style, you could always have your students look up the countries in an atlas and write them down on the blank map. Doing so will help to instil within your students the names of these countries and their location in the world.

Photo credit: mrsdkrebs on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

World Maps and Globes Coloring Book - Colouring in world maps was never so much fun!


World Maps and Globes Coloring Book: Blank, Outline and Detailed Maps for Coloring, Home School and Education
World Maps and Globes Coloring Book: Blank, Outline and Detailed Maps for Coloring, Home School and Education

If you are a homeschooler teaching geography, you will not want to pass up this great book - World Maps and Globes Coloring Book. It features all sorts of maps including maps of the world and individual countries. With over 70 pages in total, your child will receive a full overview on just how our world looks to someone standing on the moon!


Blank World Map Pad - Blank world maps on sulphur paper your children can tear off, colour and label

You aren't going to find a better price for a pad of blank world maps than this. This blank world map pad consists of 25 pages your children can tear off, colour, and label. If you are planning to use this pad in class, there are enough sheets for an entire class of kids. If your class is made up of more than 25 children, photocopying these maps is always an option.

Why do you need a free printable map of the world? - Thank you for paying us a visit!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I really like the angular map, but it is missing Australia. Thanks for putting this together-it's very useful.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Where is Austraila and New Zealand?

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 4 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      Also wondering how many countries I could put on a blank map. I need to try :)

    • Lenskeeper profile image

      Lenskeeper 4 years ago

      Hmmm... wonder how many countries I could fill in from memory??? Not nearly enough! Maybe I'd better print a world map and practice!