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There's a Right Way to Vote

Updated on March 26, 2011

It is voting time for some unions again.  Wake up and take heed.

If you haven't use your vote in along time, I am here to give you some pointers. First of all, forget about what your friends say. Second of all, forget about your friends being one of the candidates. Thirdly, you need to go in and review the past fifteen years of service given by your union on the national and local level.

Why do you have to review the past fifteen years of service? Why do you have to look at your union on the national and local level? Because if you have supported the same local candidate for more than one term, you need to check out what they have done for the union. You need to look at the decision made on the national level, because those are the same decisions that your local union go by when filing grievances and establishing your local memorandum.

When you decide to vote for your local candidate, please, please don't go by their race. You must review their history according to their character and performance as an employee as well as a union representative. For example, as an employee were they a good and considerate worker. As an employee what kind of example did they set while working with their follow co-workers.

After your candidate decided to become or became a union representative, what relationship did they maintain with the employees. Was the union representative thorough in pursuing your grievance? Did they do follow-up in handling your grievance? Now remember to be honest, because some of us don't always provide the documents or the truth when submitting our complaints.

When it comes to meeting with management, does the union representative get the same amount of respect from the managers and supervisors as it is given. Or do you leave the office, feeling as though your union representative might as well had not attended the meeting in the first place.

For those of you who are voting because the candidate is your lunching buddy. Think about it. The same candidate that you spend lunching with, more than likely be lunching in office. But you say your candidate is good friends with management, and when your candidate and management become enemies, what then. Do you really think your candidate will be able to win your case based on who they are friends with?

If you are considering some new blood, the candidate you select should know their rights as an employee. If your candidate is a seasoned employee and union representative, they definitely should know the main rules that come into play when dealing with management.

Take this time to examine what is going on where you've been working and what your union has been putting out.


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    • profile image

      Nan Mynatt 6 years ago

      Good advice in selecting union representation. You are telling them what signs to look for and the danger of selecting the wrong person. I marked you up on this one.