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brainetics as seen on tv

Updated on August 5, 2010

Brainetics As Seen On TV - Athletics for the brain.

Ok, when I saw the infomercial for Brainetics, Athletics for the Brain this morning for the first time, the first thing that came to my mind was "Ya, because not many of the instructors look like they are the jock type".  But besides the irony of the athletics comparison, it actually makes sense and I loved watching the infomercial. 

I always had problems with standard math.  I could not do a proof to save my life and I could barely do division.  I absolutely could not do algebra and had so many issues with everything except for word problems.  Those I could do in a heartbeat.  Everyone blamed it on ADD or ADHD and to me that was bullcrap.  The teachers were taking the short road and easy way out telling me I had a mental disorder when in reality they were just never able to teach me how to do math.  It wasn't until I was taking a Kaplan GMAT prep course that I was finally taught how to do this type of work and make it easy. 

Teachers teach your kids by the book and the way the books tell them how to solve problems.  The reality is that those methods don't work for everyone.  I was never able to learn or retain information from the books or the ways the books would tell you to do problems.  My GMAT instructor taught me other ways to solve the problems.  She taught me how to do multiplication quickly and in my head based off of what the last digit in the number was, she taught me reading and comprehension and a ton of other things but the short cuts and other ways to solve the problems.  Because she knew there were other ways and quicker ways that were easier to learn or that would work for people who can't learn the traditional ways the text books teach you, she was able to teach me how to actually learn to do these problems.  When the Brainetics As Seen On TV Match and memory course infomercial was playing, I recognized some of the things that my GMAT instructor had taught me and I was instantly hooked. 

Not only did I wish that my parents would have found me something like Brainetics when I was younger (mainly because my GMAT instructor was around the same age and wouldn't have been able to teach me) but it would have made my life easier not getting stressed while taking tests and sometimes almost breaking out into tears when I turned them in knowing I failed because I just didn't get it.  If I would have had a program that taught me that there were other ways to solve problems and still be able to find the right answers then I would have jumped at the chance and I think my parents would have as well. 

Kids aren't dumb.  Sometimes they get labeled as ADD or Stupid or Special Needs but in reality it is just that the teachers and schools have forgotten that there are other ways to solve the problems and don't want to be told that it may be them that are the problems.  That is what I like about products and courses like Brainetics.  Brainetics realizes that not all kids learn the same way.  Not all people think the same way and not everyone can retain information the same way.  By providing alternate solutions to how to solve problems and issues, Brainetics is not only teaching your kids how to solve basic math and retention problems but also teaching them how to problem solve and find alternate solutions to problems in the real world. 

If people only thought that there was one way to solve every issue then we would be doomed.  If we were taught not to think of alternative ways to solve problems, we probably would be here right now.  The BP oil leak in the gulf right now wasn't able to be fixed by shooting golf balls into it like they normally do.  They had to bring in creatives to think up alternative ways like going under and clamping the pipelines from the sides.  Literally thinking outside the box.  If people were told we cannot fly and we shouldn't be in the air because we cannot flap our arms and fly like birds, we probably wouldn't have invented the airplane.  If we were told fire and lamps were the only way to keep our houses full of light at night then we probably wouldn't have the light bulb.  Finding newer and better ways to solve problems is something we need to do and to teach our kids.  If we never learn or try new things than we will never progress as a society and we will probably be doomed. 

Brainetics really got me thinking when I saw it on tv.  I love that it encourages kids to think of other ways to solve problems and think it is great that it works on memory building and retention.  Although I do not have or own and did not buy brainetics for myself, the methods they use to teach math and retention is very similar to what my GMAT instructor taught me.  If brainetics is similar and uses the same ways to learn to do math then I am 100% sold on recommending people buy brainetics because not only were those ways great for me to learn to do math and comprehend information but those methods also helped me get through taking the GMAT without giving up.  If brainetics as seen on tv math course is as good as my GMAT instructor at Kaplan, than I highly recommend you buy brainetics for your kids, regardless if they can learn from a text book or not.  Learning to remember that just because you solve a problem one way does not mean there aren't other ways to solve it, and learning to think of the other ways to solve them is one of the most important things you can teach your kids.  It'll help them in school, the workforce and in life in general. 

The other day this woman was jumping up and down in the grocery store trying to grab a lunh bag cooler from the top shelf.  This guy went over to help but he also couldn't reach it.  They were both taller than me and completely lost and sat there wondering what to do.  Instead of going to get someone with a ladder or an employee to help, even though I was shorter I found the solution for them.  I slid the box off the shelf since it weighed about 5 pounds and let her pick the one she wanted.  Then I slid the box back on the shelf.  Without having people teach me that there are other ways to solve problems like Brainetics, I may have been stuck there like those people and she may never have gotten her lunch bag cooler.  I owe a lot to programs that teach you how to solve problems like Brainetics which is why I feel strong about parents teaching their kids to think of other solutions and to teach them to find other ways to do things. 

Brainetics looks like a great program and if you have tried brainetics and liked or hated it, please feel free to leave a comment below. 


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    • profile image

      hanijane 5 years ago

      Hey - I've been looking for reviews on this program and was happy to read yours - my son who is 6 is amazing in Math - he is homeschooled, by myself and my husband. He is currently in 3rd grade math, but is getting bored. I have been on the search for a new inventive way to encourage thinking outside of the box with not only math, but with everything. My son, once labeled as ADHD, is now leaps and bounds ahead of his age group! All it took was a little extra focus a few tweeks with his diet and the "ADHD" label has disappeared! Thanks again for your input!