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Brain Like Einstein?

Updated on September 19, 2017

Some people can perform especially amazing feats with their mind. Maybe they can solve math problems faster than a calculator, or they can do something big like come up with the theory of relativity. These are only things that scratch the surface of what people are able to do with their brains.

However, the thing that really impresses me is how some people seem to be able to remember everything. For someone like me who can't remember where I left my keys unless I put them in the same place everytime this is an incredible skill. I recently started the book "Moonwalking with Einstein" where it states that memory is a skill that anyone can develop. I haven't gotten very far in the book, but it does look like it would be a good idea to improve my memory.

The most obvious reason why this would be a great idea is that by knowing how to memorize knowledge could be obtained much faster, and I likely wouldn't have to study as much. As a college student this would be an excellent reason why I should improve my memory. Another reason is that I could relate people's names to their faces much better than I currently do.

I have heard it said that many things with memory come from mindset. I used to think that I was just awful at learning people's names. When I thought like this I was. I was terrible at learning anyone's name.It wasn't uncommon that I would have to hear their name five or six times before I finally had a good grasp of what their name was. A few months ago I realized that this was all part of the mindset that I had. I realized that as long as I believed that I was bad at remembering names, then I would be. I decided instedad that remembering names was something that I could work on. Since I started trying to learn people's names I have noticed that it is a lot easier than I used to think it was.

I think that this book will show me many more tips and tricks that I can use to super charge my memory. Who knows, maybe I could be the next World Memory Champion. (Probably not though because I have zero interest in competing in that event.)

Memory is something that is really helpful in that it can make it much easier to do things such as study or keep track of your phone and your keys. Memory is also something that you can train to have it work for you instead of you struggling to remember even simple things.

I am currently reading the book on memory, but I am always looking for something new to read. If you have something that you would like me to read and post about then please leave a comment below with your book recommendations. I will try to get to as many of them as possible. It doesn't have to be just non-fiction. It can be anything that you think I should read.

-God Bless
Christopher Benner


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