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My kid Is Being Bullied At School, How should I address This Problem?

Updated on December 4, 2014

Help! My Kid Is Being Bullied At School!

Two teenage girls whispering behind another girls back.
Two teenage girls whispering behind another girls back. | Source


Bullying is a problem that hinders not only the child but parents as well, and if this problem is not handled correctly, the situation can become a burden.

This article is about how to protect your children or teen from bullies.

What Is The Best Way To Resolve Bully Issues?

My daughter just started a new school. After my divorce we moved away, in hopes of a clean start. The middle school my daughter attends is awful. I really should have looked into the schools in my area before I made the move. The only positive side is that I found a good job to help support my daughter and I. The downside is that my daughter hates the school she attends. When I picked her up the other day, I noticed a couple of girls snickering behind her back. My daughter is trying to be positive concerning our new start, but I believe the divorce and moving to a new school could be triggering serious self esteem issues. My daughter is an outgoing kid. But lately, she's behaving in a defensive manner. I know she's being picked on, but I don't know what to do. I'm in desperate need of help. Mary Ann.

My son came off the school bus with a black eye! He won't tell me what happened, so I don't know who to address concerning this matter. His behavior concerns me. I talked to my son's dad about this situation but, my husband is old school. He thinks that our son should fight back. However, my son is not the Chuck Norris type, he is very passive. Which could be the problem. I'm not sure what to do. Lauren.

My heart goes out to children that are being victimize by bullies. Having dealt with this issue on a personal level and through my own children, I have a bit of experience when it comes to dealing with bullies at school.

Most Bullies Are Cowards!

Tough kid.
Tough kid. | Source

Pay The School A Visit

Granted the first thing a parent wants to do when they find out that their child is being bullied, is to handle the situation mafia style. After all, these are our children, are pride and joy! However, when dealing with bullies you have to hit them where it hurts.

  • Solution: Pay the school a visit: Bullies don't like parents on their turf. If your son or daughter is being bullied at school, hold everyone accountable! And I do mean everyone! The principal, the parents and the bully.
  • Pay the principal a visit: Principals don't enjoy meetings with parents, because their time is limited. Once a parent visits they try to resolve the problem on the spot.
  • Insist on scheduling a face to face meeting with the bullies parents: Most likely the parents will not show up, because they know that there kid is a bully. In most cases the bully torments everyone in the entire household, their siblings and sometimes their parents as well.

Bullies Do Not Enjoy The Spotlight

Terrified kid.
Terrified kid. | Source

Girls Tend To Fight More Than Boys, Because They Gossip!

Two teenage girls fighting.
Two teenage girls fighting. | Source

Understanding The Female Bully Is Important

Girls can be different under these circumstances. Female bullies usually fall behind in school, in which most enjoy picking on the intelligent females. In this case, schedule a meeting with the principal and ask about the bullies grades, and also insist on meeting the bullies parents. Again most likely the parents, will not make an appearance, in which the principal should be concerned.

The main point is to stay involved. Do whatever it takes to keep your kid safe.

If the principal lacks compassion concerning the issue, change schools, homeschool, or take your issue to a higher authority.

An assessment can explore specific bullying topics, such as:

  • Frequency and types
  • Adult and peer response
  • Locations, including “hot spots”
  • Staff perceptions and attitudes about bullying
  • Aspects of the school or community that may support or help stop it
  • Student perception of safety
  • School climate

Emunah La-Paz

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It Would Be Comforting If Parents Could Confront Bullies,"Madea Style!" The World Would Be A Better Place, And Our Children Would Feel Safe

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© 2013 Emunah La Paz


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