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Being Buried Alive - Fears, Facts and Fun

Updated on May 4, 2013

Buried Alive - Fun Facts and Information

Halloween is here again and while some things are fascinations, most of Halloween's popular subjects arise from the deepest human fears.

Being buried alive or premature burial, is one of the top fears of most people. This website is intended to be informative and fun and hopefully will keep you occupied for a while. You may want to read about being buried alive, peruse authentic quotes from people who have experienced it somehow in their life, or watch a movie or two on the subject.

There is also a little scary theme music for those that want to hear it. I hope you enjoy this website and please leave some comments at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for visiting!

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Being Buried Alive Wouldn't Be on My Bucket List

Live burial is supposed to be one of the biggest human fears. The biggest fear is speaking in front of people. That one even is bigger than death. This subject has been the fascination of many throughout time and although it probably didn't happen as often as you might think, it did occur. Sometimes it was done accidentally, sometimes it happened intentionally. Intentional burials were part of torture, murder or execution. Although some movies and depictions show someone buried for hours at a time, they actually wouldn't live that long. You wouldn't be able to remain concsious for more than 1-2 hours due to lack of oxygen. One you used up all of your air, you would pass out in 2-4 minutes and then would die between 5-15 minutes later. None of these are pleasant thoughts to anyone. One case of a person being buried alive by accident was recorded in the 13th Century but no doubt occurred prior to that era. Part of George Washington's last words were to ensure that he did not get bured for 12 days following his death. Many contraptions were built for requestors to let people know that they were alive. These ranged from little bells that would ring to a periscope that could be raised and moved around. Wouldn't that be fun to see today in a cemetary. "Hey Margaret, was that your cell phone?" In any event, this is a horrific subject but since it exists as a fear in many people, what better subject to explore during this Halloween Season!

The Premature Burial by Edgar Allen Poe - Very Rare DVD version with Vincent Price and Ray Milland!

This legendary story by Edgar Allen Poe is the predecessor of most buried alive in a casket movies. The spooktacular Director Roger Corman made this adaptation of the Poe novel. Vincent Price and Ray Milland add a scary twist to this movie, a must see. If you cannot afford this version, try to Tevo it around the Halloween season.

Antoine Wiertz's Painting of a Man Buried Alive - Antoine Joseph Wiertz (1806-1855)

buried alive
buried alive

"Finally the doctor gave in and, together with local authorities, exhumed the body. The coffin was pried open and to everyone's horror and amazement, my great-great grandmother's nails were bent back and there were obvious scratches on the inside of the coffin." True Family Story - Author Unknown.

Kill Bill Volume 2 - A scary scene where Uma Thurman is buried alive!

Everyone liked Kill Bill Volume 1, with it's spectacular soundtrack and special effects. Now follow Uma as she has more adventures and ends up buried alive and making things worse, is seriously injured at the same time.

"A day or two ago the body was exhumed, prior to its removal to another burial place, when the discovery was made that the girl had been buried alive. Her shroud was torn into shreds, her knees were drawn up to her chin, one of her arms was twisted under her head, and her features bore evidence of dreadful torture." Quote from Ontario, Canada - Author Unknown

Criss Angel Being Buried Alive - A spooky illusion from a spooky guy!

Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive

The Vanishing - A psychological thriller buried alive extravaganza!

An American version of the 1988 French film in which a man's wife is missing and it turns out she was kidnapped and buried alive. The man ends up experiencing his wife's fate, not knowing what that is until he is in over his head!

Buried Alive from 2007 - A gory modern version

Buried Alive in Snow! - Human Popsicles!

Not a true story, but has great special effects and a very chilly plot! A man's wife and daughter are trapped in a ski lodge by being buried during an avalanche. If we all breathe some hot air, they may escape!

In the the 19th century, the fear of being buried alive was so great that some wealthy people included a clause in their wills that requested their coffins be equipped with some sort of signaling device, just in case!

A Different Way of Being Buried Alive - Buried Alive by hoarding, a popular television series

Being Buried Alive by a Volcano - Pompei, a nightmare that is preserved in stone

This is what happens when you live near a live volcano. Forever buried and frozen in time, this documentary explains the eerie reality of what happened at this event where people were actually buried alive and preserved! This is a true event!

Prior to the 1850's, not many Doctors were educated enough, or were so incompetent, that they could couldn't tell a live body from a dead one.

Is the Thought of Being Buried Alive Frightening to you? - If so, let me know...well, please just leave a comment even if you aren't scared!

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    • profile image

      Moral Man 

      3 years ago

      Being buried alive is horrific beyond imagining with suffocation and claustrophobia. Its the worst kind of torture. I live in endless fear.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Horrible thought! Blessed!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Oh my YES!!!

      This is my greatest fear.

      It would be so scary to wake up, in a sealed coffin, and have no way out.Yikes!!!


    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      6 years ago

      This is actually one of my greatest fears. Blessed!


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