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Butterfly Houses and How to Attract Butterflies

Updated on November 22, 2012

Butterfly Houses

Nothing says spring like butterflies and flowers! Enjoy watching the butterflies float across your landscape by encouraging there presence with a butterfly house, also known as a butterfly habitat. Butterfly houses provide a safe shelter from birds, winds and rain.

What is a butterfly house? A butterfly house is much like a birdhouse but has vertical slats just large enough for a butterfly to slide in sideways. These long, thin slats make it possible for the butterflies to enter and exit easily while preventing birds and other predators from reaching them. Butterfly houses create a safe haven that will encourage their presence and keep them around all through out the year.

5 Tips for Attracting Butterflies

Attract Butterflies to Your Yard to Find Your New Butterfly House

How do you attract butterflies to let them know you have them a cozy new butterfly house waiting? There are several ways to do so.

Plant Flowers

As mentioned earlier butterflies need a food source. That can be any source that provides nectar. Plant flowers that bloom year round in shades of reds, yellows, pinks and oranges.

Sun, Sun and More Sun!

Butterflies require sun to stay active. Make sure that your butterfly houses are placed in a flower garden in full or mostly sunny locations.

Puddling Areas

Butterflies like to have a wet area referred to as a puddling area. These areas can be mud puddles, a decorative, shallow dish of water, near by stream, fountain or pond. Puddling areas are vital to butterfly reproduction as the males get the nutrients they need from these type of water sources. These wet areas are also a congregational area so be sure to place these in area you can easily see in order to enjoy their presence.

Do Not Use Pesticides

To preserve the butterfly population in your flower garden do not use pesticides. These pesticides will kill, harm and detour butterflies and caterpillars just as it would any other pest.

Give'em Fruit

Place ripe or rotting fruit out for butterflies. Butterflies are attracted to the fruits and fruit peeling as it provides a sweet treat to a large variety of butterflies. Be sure to place the tasty treat in the shade to keep it cool and prevent it from drying out too quickly.

Heartwood Copper-Top Butterfly House Green - Rustic Butterfly House

The Heartwood Copper-Top Butterfly House is comes in a rustic green or gray finish topped with a beautiful copper top. Great for a cozy, rustic feel.

Butterfly House Kit - Make Your Own Butterfly House

This convenient butterfly house kit allows your to create your own butterfly house. The butterfly house kit includes everything required and snaps together quickly and easily.

Birds Choice Butterfly House

Increase Your Butterfly House Population With Butterfly Nectar

Place Nectar Near Your Butterfly House and Attract More Butterflies

Along with a shelter provided by a butterfly house butterflies need plenty of food sources. Butterflies eat nectar so a local source is a must. Butterflies can get nectar from plants, fruits and various feeders such as butterfly feeders and hummingbird feeders. You can feed butterflies with the same nectar you feed you hummingbirds.

The 4 Steps to a Butterfly's Life

1. Butterflies lay their eggs the leaves of plants to keep them sheltered.

2. Later on those eggs hatch into caterpillars.

3. Those caterpillars then forma a chrysalis.

4. Within a few months the caterpillar emerges from it's chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly.

Stovall 14H Wood Small Butterfly Habitat

Audubon Butterfly Shelter

Butterfly Habitat; Thached Roof, Dove Gray

Great Websites for Attracting Butterflies

Here are some more great websites to learn how to attract butterflies to your garden, landscape or lawn. Using these methods along with a butterfly house will surely earn you new neighbors in your butterfly house.

Do you have a butterfly house? A butterfly garden?

Share your butterfly stories and what you have found to be successful in attracting butterflies in your garden.

Tell Us About Your Butterflies!

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