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Wall Calendars and More by Audubon

Updated on November 29, 2016

Buy Audubon 2017

This is your picture page and buying guide to Audubon 2017 Calendars. Enjoy nature with the world's foremost bird organization. Stunning new calendars to keep you organized with pictures by professional photographers and published by the Workman Publishing Company.

Some choices have hundreds of photos, not just 12. This year of 2017 has Butterflies, songbirds, National Parks and more. All offerings on are under $13.99 and Free shipping available with $35 purchase. Many of the calendars have 15-20% savings.

Two places to browse, Amazon and eBay. Do all the comparisons to get the best deal.

Enjoy the sheer beauty of nature with calendars and support the Society's environmental work with your purchase. There are local Audubon chapters in hundreds of citys and towns. The next four years may need everyone's help. It is good to start local and meet your neighbhors at Audubon monthly meetings. If any thing, talk about the birds.

"Audubon's mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

Our national network of community-based nature centers and chapters, scientific and educational programs, and advocacy on behalf of areas sustaining important bird populations, engage millions of people of all ages and backgrounds in positive conservation experiences."

The Society has local offices in nearly every major city in the U.S. They offer bird education, field trips and meetings once a month. In October the Pomona,CA chapter is starting an eight class training for beginners, four in a classroom and four in the field. Check the internet for a chapter near you.

Songbirds Wall Calendar

Picture A Day

A featured bird for each month and in the daily grid.

Wall version has 28 pages and 27 X 12 inches when opened. You get dazzling detail and full color.

This is Audubon's best selling wall organizer.

There Are 71 Million Birders in the U.S.

2008 Audubon Calendar
2008 Audubon Calendar

Have you been known to sight and identify birds.

See results

Engagement Weekly Organizer

When I had more time I used the engagement organizer as a journal. I have about a dozen from the late 70's and the 80's. I put all the happenings of the day in little snippets. Sort of today's Twitter.

The weekly journal is spiral bound and lies flat for easy writing. Perfect for daily notes and remainders.

Happy to Report

Several months ago Ted Williams reported about lead poisoning in the Audubon Magazine. This week of Oct. 13. 2013 California passed a bill to eliminate lead ammunition in the state by 2019. Six years is a long time to wait for it to come into effect, but I am glad a step has been taken.

All predator birds such as hawks, falcons, eagles, and condors are going to benefit directly and all of us will indirectly. We have cleaned up our lead use in our homes and school plumbing, the very ground of California is our next natural choice.

Lead, is as poisonous as DDT, PCBs and asbestos. Naturally, in a few years we will feel about lead as we do about other toxins, because our facts will be formulated and acknowledged.

© 2011 Sherry Venegas

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    • profile image

      Marsha Cooper 3 years ago

      Nice selections. I love nature calendars and the Audubon ones are educational as well.

    • RaintreeAnnie profile image

      RaintreeAnnie 3 years ago from UK

      These calendars are so beautiful! I love birds and all wildlife really. Lovely page.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Lots of lovely calendars. I'm still calendar-less for 2012. Browsing around now and trying to make up my mind.

    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 6 years ago from Iowa

      So many beautiful birds. Next to cats and horses they are my favorite critter for calendars.