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Tarot Readings and how to do them

Updated on September 15, 2014

Can anyone learn to read the tarot?

Learning to read tarot cards is something anyone can do. You do not have to be born with special gifts or a special talent to enable you to read the tarot. Anyone can learn however it does take practice and a certain amount of tact will be needed when reading the cards for others. I will also discuss some myths in tarot such as the death card, should you purchase your own tarot deck and can you read the tarot for yourself........

During this blog I will tell you what the cards mean with regard to A) relationships and B) Career as these are the most frequently asked question. I will be adding cards weekly so please keep popping back and if you have any questions on tarot I will be more than happy to offer advise. You may also notice that the cards I add are not necessarly in order of the pack. There is a very good reason for this. When you are first learning the tarot all books start with the Major Acana cards from the fool through to the World, however I do not want you to learn tarot by the book. My aim is to get you using your own intution and to delve further so you can open up your awareness and new perception to the cards. I will also be introducing the minor cards, this way you will get an idea of how these very important cards can offer depth to a reading.

If you already read the cards you may find that some of the meanings I suggest do not sit well with your interpretation of the cards. if you are a successful reader already then continue to use your own way of reading, however if sometimes you struggle with your readings or find they are often hit and miss then I feel you may gain a lot of insight and helpful tips. If you feel that you would like to learn tarot as a profession then you may want to enrol on the Professional Tarot Diploma Course - this is aimed to teach complete beginners or intermediate tarot readers to train to a high level so that they make work in this field as confident and professional readers who will have a reglular client basis for many years to come.

Death Card
Death Card

What does the Death card mean?

New beginnings

This is such a common question that I want to address this card right from the start. This is the one card that has given the tarot a bad name and I suppose its not surprising when it causes such fear and reaction.

This card very very rarely predicts an actual physical death, but certainy indicates the death of a certain situation or event that maybe taking place in your life. For instance you may draw this card when possible factors such as loss of job, relationship or home are imminent. This card always clears the way for new and positive things to come into your life, so when you see this card never be afraid, embrace the changes that it brings, and although it may show a few tough times ahead, you will certainly benefit from the clearing out in the long run.

In a Lovers Spread - If asking about a relationship it can signify an end or divorce. However depending on the surrounding cards it can also show that the old ways are dead and gone and a new relationship can now begin.

In a Career Spread - Ending of one job, redundancy, or leaving one job that you may have not have been enjoying but thought you needed for secrurity purposes. Embrace this card as it now means you can go forward and do something you have always wanted. It means a complete change of path or direction so you may decide if you have been working for someone else to take the plunge now and go self employed or if you have always wanted to work as an artist but have found yourself stuck behind a desk, this card will ensure that you will be pushed to make change if you do not do it volutnary, but all for the better.

Is it bad luck to purchase my own Tarot Cards?

I have heard this said so many times that I think its very important to address this myth. It is not only NOT bad luck to purchase your own cards, but makes sense to CHOOSE YOUR OWN.. After all there are so many cards on the market that it would difficult for someone to choose on your behalf. A major part of reading the tarot is having an affinity with your own cards, and readers vary as much as the cards do. Some people prefer very visual cards others who maybe more able to pick up pschic vibes from the client may prefer very basic cards or even just playing cards.

When you are first learning the cards you can opt to use only the 22 major cards at first. A full pack of cards consist of 78 in total and can be quite a daunting task when first starting out. But learning to use the full pack of cards will give your readings more depth and clarity to readings.

Below I have listed some cards that I recommend for beginners and experienced readers alike. They are chosen for their visual content not only the major but the minor cards also, which in some packs can be difficult to read as they tend to be very basic.

Recommended Tarot Packs

These cards have been chosen for their simplicity but also for their visual content which can enhance your readings and give the reader a more visual tool in which to remember them.

Can I read my own Cards?

This is also a common question in tarot and although the answer is YES you can read your own cards, you must be aware that as you become more familiar with the cards you may decide that if the outcome is not as you wish that there will be a high risk you deciding to either reshuffle and start again, or read more into the reading to suit yourself.

When first learning the tarot its great to practice on yourself, family and friends, however the more experienced you become the more difficult you may find this. If your friend has just recenly become divorced for instance, the cards are going to show this, so when reading for her you will be telling her the obvious, so dont be surpirsed if they think you are making it up because you know them so well. I persoanlly get better readings from complete strangers as the less you know about someone the easier it is to read their cards and get a more accurate reading.


The magician

practical skills, energy and ability

This is the first card in the pack and is known as one of the major acarna cards. This card relates to someone who is clever and has the ability and skill to do many things. I love this card to appear when someone is starting a new business or trying to achieve something that they really want. It can mean that they are able to juggle many things at one time and can often mean great achievement and success. People who draw this card can sometimes appear selfish, but they believe in themselves and have an outer confidence that can quite often hide something more subtle and gentle.

In a Lovers Spread - When the magician appears and you are asking about a lover, it can mean that this person will find it hard to settle down. They will offer you an abudnance of love and energy but hate getting stuck in a rut.

In a Career Spread - Will show that they are willing to work for what they want and have the ability and talent for the job.

The Fool
The Fool

The Fool

beginnings, new journeys

This card is known amongst a lot of readers as the start of a journey or someone who is young and not yet worldly. It can signify new beginnings and has an air of excitement about it as it offers unlimited potential to the person being read for. It is refers to someone who is openminded and embraces whatever life brings. In a general reading this card relates to new beginnings and a belief that all things are possible which may come accross to others as unreasonable risk taking.

In a Lovers Spread - This card would indicate this person is not ready to make a commitment and is happy to live in the moment and maybe far too restless to settle down. The more you push the further they will run.

In a Career Spread - New job or project that will require your enthusiasm. Travel may also be involved.

Hanged man
Hanged man

The Hanged Man

patience, delays

When someone is hanging upside down they tend to see the world a different way. And thats exactly what this card refers to. Its about changing and altering your prerception. Your old beliefs and ideas may no longer suit you as this is a card of spiritual growth. You may find that someone who draws this card tends to go their own way and not necessary confirm to what is known as the norm. There can also be delays around this card, in fact in my personal experience it can mean delays that are necessary but quite often we want to rush things, but patience is the key.

In a Lovers Spread - If you are in a relationship then you may feel bored or stuck as if its not going anywhere. Before making any drastic decisions this card asks that you take note of your partners point of view and look at the relationship from another persepective. If you are not in relationship then you may be feeling one will never come along or you feel isolated. This is only temporary.

In a Career Spread - Work maybe slow and if you are self employed your could be finding things delayed or negotiations maybe stalled. Again this is only temporary and conditions regarding work and career will soon improve.


The Hierophant

spiritual guidance

This card relates to organised groups and structures, relgion and tradition. This card can arrive when your belief system maybe challenged. Higher education is also associated with this card.

In a lovers spread - Could signify an upcoming marriage which would more likely to be a traditional wedding. This relationship would be quite conventional.

In a Career Spread - Success will come through following the rules and sticking with proven methods. By aligning with the higher authority you will move ahead more quickly. However be aware of compromising your personal integrity.

This card will often appear when the person being read for is being guided by higher forces

Tarot Links

Click on the links to find subjects on Tarot

The Lovers
The Lovers

The Lovers

this card is about choices and decisions

The lovers is all about choices. When this card comes up in a reading it can point to some sudden or unexpected changes in relationships or your love life. This card is associated with Gemini. When this card comes up you may have to make a decision that will impact your future relationships.

This card can also indicate a new relationship maybe just around the corner or your current one is undergoing many changes.

In a career spread - You could be facing a decistion to improve your career. Go with the flow and do what feels right as something that seems to be negative at first can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

In a lovers spread - Decision time has now come, you can not have both, so choose wisely.


The Chariot

journeys and determination

This card will usually appear when you have important matters to deal with and will need to use extra determination to succeed. This represents movement and journeys, and has been known to appear when the client has been thinking of buying a new car. In regard to work this card can suggest an improvement or promotion. When related to romance you could be having a nice weekend away or are just out for a good time and some fun.

This is a "go for it" card and the purpose of this card is to inpire you to test what you have learned in the past and to prove your abilities in handling most situations. You are the driver and its up to you to keep control.



astrological sign Leo

This is a wonderful card and represents inner strength and wisdom. This card imples there is a balance between the spiritual and the material, and harmony between opposing forces. In a reading this card will show that you have the ability to overcome all obstacles and you are more in control of your future than you may realise. This card will also help to attract favourable opportunities.

In a reading related to work now would be an excellent time to request a pay rise or promotion. With regard to romance you could be involved in a passionate affair and if already with someone you will feel secure that you have met the right person.

the hermeit
the hermeit

The Hermit

self contained, searching for truth, solitary

When you draw this card you are asked to reflect and look inwards. This card is about searching for inner truth and meaning in you life. It can also represent a time of learning, so you may find yourself attending workshops, college or just learning a new subject.

Learn to listen to your inner guide, this is your intuition directing you on the correct path. You may benefit from meditation at this time.


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    • Lunaholistics profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from UK

      @aquarian_insight: Hi and thank you for your lovely comments. I will be adding more tarot related things in the future.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Keep up the good work. I have been working on something very similar, so I know how much hard work you've put into this. Well done.


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