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Capitalism vs Communism: From a Common Man’s View Point

Updated on January 7, 2013
Capitalism vs Communism
Capitalism vs Communism | Source

I think you have probably understood from the title of this piece that it is not written by an expert socialist or economist or any such ‘-ist’. Actually, the best alternative title of this hub would be: Capitalism vs Communism: From an idiot’s View. I thought about that title at first and then abandoned it because, who wants to admit his IQ level to populace?

This is a common man’s view about capitalism and communism and if you are an expert about these subjects then please do not forget to correct my opinions. You know, I am not exactly an expert.

Good things about Capitalism

Capitalism is the system which depends upon free market. Capitalism is the most natural economic system which is not actually cares about the various ‘isms’ and ‘ists’. You sell your goods and services and buy what you can afford. The system depends upon competition. If you make better goods, if you can give better services, then the world will be yours. The extreme, far right capitalism means no control of government over market and businesses.

This system works for most of the countries because it helps to grow economy and civilization at a very fast pace. The competition in the market compels businesses to innovate to outshine the opponents. The clear relationship between performance and reward leads to growth and prosperity for the society.

A good capitalist system is open to all. The possibility of making money is endless. A common man can be a very rich businessman in a true capitalist country. In this way capitalism helps to spread power among populace and thus promotes democracy. If you do not believe me ask the Chinese authority.

Where Capitalism Fails

But you know the world is not a perfect place. Extreme capitalism can be dangerous. Capitalism is a free system. But with no governmental intervention the free market can be captured by mega farms. These mega business entities may drive away the small business and thus can create a ground totally free of competition. This is what is now happening everywhere. If the market is monopolized by a single business entity it can choke the new innovations.

Capitalism views every human being as consumers. People with more money will be treated better by the capitalist system and society. It will ultimately degrade the moral value of the society. Without any morality, everybody will try to game the system to make as much money as possible. This money-centric attitude can destroy the civilization.

The growth based economy and the fierce competition can also results in destruction of the environment for more resources. The iron ore is much more valuable to a capitalist regime than the forest over it. You can see examples of it everywhere.

Centralization of money can also lead to crippling of democratic process. Few individuals with an obscene amount of money can control the elections. They can control every power. In this way, the democracy may become a worthless process.

Capitalism may also create modern office slaves. With the centralization of money, most of the populace can be forced to work under the big business bosses without any freedom for a very little money.

Good things about Communism

Communism believes that businesses should be run by the society, not by the individuals. Communism believes in equal rights and opportunities for everyone. This system believes in equal distribution of wealth. True communist countries thing that there should not be any poor or helpless people. A communist society does not encourage accumulation of wealth. Free education, food and healthcare are available for every person. Communism supports merits of the individual and does not believe in any discrimination against race, color, gender or class.

A communist system can generate fellow feelings and brother hood among men. It can uplift the poor and by connecting every individual for the well being of the society it can promote growth and bring happiness for everybody.

Where Communism Fails

The ideals of the communism seem good in paper but not in reality. What history shows is that communist countries were no heaven for common men. Instead of the big corporate bosses, the communism brings the bureaucrats over the people. Communism chokes the talents of the individual by trying to connect everyone to social farms and factories. Instead of being a true people’s country, the communist controlled states become a place for oppressing people.

By using excessive control of the government by the thick headed leaders of the communist parties, the communist regimes tend to choke the economic growth. In this ways the communism brings misery to countless people.

Communism does not encourage the true talented people to earn more. In this way the true talents are lost. In this way communism fails to encourage the growth and progress of human civilization.


Extreme left Communism or Socialism is not good for any country. Extreme right capitalism will eventually destroy the human civilization. So, we need to stay in the middle. A controlled humanitarian capitalism may be the best alternative. Open market is good but I believe it must have some reins to control. Accumulation of too much money in the hands of a select few will not be good for any society. It would lead to violence and crime. I think the best way of running a state is to create equal opportunity for every individual. There should be health care and education for all. There should be justice for everybody. What do you think?


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