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Case It Binders for Tweens

Updated on July 28, 2013

Organizational Help for Tweens

If you've spent much time around tweens, particularly those in the middle school grades, you may be familiar with their tendencies toward disorganization. School bags become disaster zones, and organizational help seems hopeless. The bell rings, and everything is thrown into the bag, on to the next class, and repeat. If you are dealing with poor grades in your middle school student, start by examining that school bag, and you may find your first clue: organization.

A binder isn't going to solve the problem of poor organization all on its own, but it can be a helpful start. Case it binders strike me as particularly useful because of two particular features, namely the handle, and the zippered pouch closure.

Do you have a disorganized middle school student?

What steps have you taken to help your tween with organization?

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Containment for Paperwork

The zippered closure to the Case It binder means that if properly used, the binder will avert loose papers flying about, or slipping out. My own middle school years were very organizationally challenging days for me, and papers were always falling out of my 3 ring binders. A zippered binder, used properly, ensures that materials make it from one place to the next.

A tool is only as reliable as the person who uses it, which is easily explained to a tween, with a little demonstration. Tell the printer to print the grocery list, and it won't obey. Technology is great, but unless proper steps are taken, a grocery list isn't going to print. Neither will a binder solve all of a tween's academic problems. However, if a middle schooler takes proper steps to correctly put away his work, the binder will aptly safeguard the papers and materials.

Case It Binders

Handled Case-It Binders make carrying easy. While a school bag is useful for transporting books, it can be frustrating to stow and retrieve paper work from within. A good binder can facilitate neatness and organization, with a little instruction for the disorganized middle school student. Make a point to help your tween to adapt organizational strategies, labeling sections of the binder for each class, and discussing where loose papers should be kept.

Case-it D-250 Zipper Binder, Purple Size - 13 X 12 X 2.8 inches
Case-it D-250 Zipper Binder, Purple Size - 13 X 12 X 2.8 inches

The handles featured on these binders makes it easy to keep them in hand.

Case-it Blue Zipper Binder (D-250)
Case-it Blue Zipper Binder (D-250)

Zippered closures are nice for avoiding unexpected paper and supply losses.

Case-It Dual Zippered D-Ring Binder, 2 Sets of 1.5-Inch Rings with Pencil Pouch, Pink Print (Dual100-PNK-P)
Case-It Dual Zippered D-Ring Binder, 2 Sets of 1.5-Inch Rings with Pencil Pouch, Pink Print (Dual100-PNK-P)

I love the graphics on this and other Case It binders for middle and high school students.


A tool helps, but...

A good tool alone won't solve middle school organization problems...some sort of oversight is needed to keep your tween accountable for folder and backpack condition.

Patterns: Decorative Case It Binders

This particular pattern is a great geometric design, hinting at tessellation, a popular and fun math topic for middle school students.

This binder design is available in blue, black, red, purple, pink, and yellow, through the link provided.

Case It Binders in Geometric Patterns

Case-It 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder, Black Print (D-250-BLA-Obselete)
Case-It 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder, Black Print (D-250-BLA-Obselete)

Geometric patterns can be nice for tween and teen boys.

Case-It 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder, Blue Print (D-250-BLU-Obselete)
Case-It 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder, Blue Print (D-250-BLU-Obselete)

The 2-inch thickness is excellent if there are a lot of academics being covered. Your child can keep track of notes, spiral books and other supplies.

Case-it Dual-Binder 2-in-1 Black & Grey Zipper Binder (DUAL-100)
Case-it Dual-Binder 2-in-1 Black & Grey Zipper Binder (DUAL-100)

Zippered closures are sensible in binders for tweens.


Case It Binder With Outer Compartment

This is a great design for avoiding problems with lost books. The inside holds papers and supplies, while composition books and small texts or library books can be kept together.

Colorful Case It Binders with Velcro Closures

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow, this style of Case It binder doesn't zip, but closes with velcro. Contained within, a file system, great for introducing your tween to simple organizational skills. Colorful and fun graphic design can be engaging and interesting, providing extra motivation to the child who may tend to lose track of school things.

Case It Pencil Pouches and Pencil Cases

Next to paper disasters in a middle school bag, pencil and pen pieces are a nightmare. Teach your tween to keep supplies together, and help them to have a sufficient stockpile, rather than incessantly complaining that they have no writing implement, or that they've lost their pencils!

Case-it Pencil Pouch with Zipper for Binders, Blue, 9 inch x 11 inch, PEN-05-BLU
Case-it Pencil Pouch with Zipper for Binders, Blue, 9 inch x 11 inch, PEN-05-BLU

I really can't emphasize enough how important it is to teach a tween to keep things in their places. A pencil pouch in a backpack can avoid a lot of mess.

Middle school students are notorious for dumping stuff into backpacks. Within a month of school many packs are crawling with pencil shavings, broken pencils and leaking ballpoint pens. Use of a pencil bag can help if a parent takes time to do a regular review of backpack contents.

There are lots of colors and styles available, and it's easy to find cases that will meet basic needs.


Case It Binders for Tweens: Comments?

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    • SusanAston profile image


      5 years ago

      Fantastic ideas. I want one for myself nad I'm not a Tween! Thankyou.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      In like the choice of binders here very much. :)

    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 

      6 years ago from Topeka, KS

      Very pretty Binder designs!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      6 years ago

      Very helpful for back to school.

    • LittleLindaPinda profile image

      Little Linda Pinda 

      6 years ago from Florida

      These are great for everyone. I really like the colors and designs you chose.

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens!

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens!


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