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Largest MBA library on internet:

Updated on May 25, 2009

MBA case study is a tough nut to crack for many. Analysing a case study involves application of various concepts taught in B-Schools. Case studies have become an integral part of B-schools' academic curriculum across the globe. Students frequently search for the solutions/analysis of case studies on the internet because of many reasons which includes (but not limited to)

1) Case study contains large number of pages and data
2) Student finds it too boring to do the analysis himself
3) Case study requiring higher level of understanding

Well, whatever may be the case, the good news is that there is a website where you can find MBA case study analysis/solutions of case study published by all top B-Schools in the world. They also have a separate section for MBA term papers and research papers. They boast to be the largest online MBA library on the internet and contains over 67,000 articles on various MBA topics. The caseforest library is a deviation from traditional library where you find only user submitted articles. Thus, website don't have any e books on MBA, rather it maintains a large database of articles submitted by MBA students from across the globe.MBA students from all over the world find the website very useful in all their MBA study related needs be it assignments, project submissions, case studies, term papers, research papers etc.

Reference: Every MBA student needs it someday : Every MBA student needs it someday : Every MBA student needs it someday


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