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Challenge the Norms - Who do YOU want to be?

Updated on June 14, 2015

I used to recall the times where i thought that everyone was equal in terms of their economic status and all that people can compete in was their ability to excel in studies/play. (before I went to secondary school?)

Come to think about it, I was so naïve. can't blame anyone for that since I come from a low-income family; my ex-neighbour during my childhood times weren't affluent too; the ones in my social circle were simple and humble. none of them flaunts their wealth to me (except for the time where my cousins showed off their Game Boy colour which influenced me to buy one too) and that made me feel homogeneous in my social network.

As I grew older, more matured, the world ain't so simple anymore. some of my friends would take their parent's BMW to school, live in a semi-detached condo, have XBOX 360 AND PS3 consoles, etcetera. I have none of those privileges, all of these are luxuries that I must not covet until I start to earn an income for my family and for myself. yes, all of the aforementioned were on my wishlist, and I desperately hope that someone would check off all the items on the wishlist for me. but damn, who am I to ask for things that only the rich can afford?

The video above is about Jackie Chan giving a motivation talk to the students in China, sharing his life stories with them. if you watched the full video of 45 mins, you would also be as awe-inspired as me for the treacherous path Jackie Chan has walked throughout his life to become the world's respected action movie actor/producer/director. but that's not the main point i would like to highlight.

Fast forward the video to 39:39 and you will hear him narrate the times when his parents passed away. he said something that struck me hard.

He said that - "why must we pay respects to the passed away loved ones on the tomb-sweeping day, I sweep my parents' tomb on the chinese new year. why must we buy flowers for our lover on Valentine's Day? i will buy flowers as and when I like. everyday is valentines' day, everyday is mother's day, father's day if I want to treat you well."

That made me reflect on what i've done for my parents, friends and loved ones for the past 18 years. what have I done for them?

I want to make it a point that regardless of whether I'm rich or poor, I can make a difference if I want to. I shall not let my external flaws amplify my internal weaknesses. I do not have to wait until the world end or when I'm lao cock cock*(it means old and frail in singapore slang) already then do the things I ought to do.

Challenge the norms, Challenge everything.


© 2014 Wong Seng Wee


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