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Hindered rotation in carbon carbon double bond in alkene.

Updated on September 11, 2014

In terms of carbon carbon double bond there found a rotation to convert one configuration of alkene to another configuration. This rotation in carbon carbon double bond is called hindered rotation.

Butene is considered that it have 4 isomers. Depending on double bonds position the butylene have three isomers. These are 1- butene, 2-butene, iso-butene. When carbon carbon double bond are at the end side of the carbon chain, they are considered as 1- butene. 2- Butene have two isomer. There found different 2-Butene there boiling point, melting point and other physical properties are not same. Hence, they are isomers of one another. This Isomers are formed due to the difference in atomic arrangement of atom in space. The different arrangement is achieved by the interconversion of one isomer to another. To this interconversion there needs a rotation in carbon carbon double bond. Pi bond have to break. This rotation prevent the overlaping of


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