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Updated on September 7, 2014


Enantiomer is the mirror image of each other. Enantiomers is the isomers, where eachs are the mirror image of others. The enantiomers are found in the structure of lactic acid. Two different lactic acid are found, where the two isomers are found as the mirror images of each other. Chloroiodomethanesulfonic acid have two isomers thats are identical to each others mirror image. Hence, there have a enantiomerism. Another examples of enantiomerism are found in Sec-butyl chloride. Sec- butyl chloride have two enantiomers.

Properties of enantiomers

Enantiomers are same in their physical properties and even in their chemical properties, but they are not same in their properties in terms of plane polarized light. If one isomer rotate the plane polarized light tiward right then another rotates the plane polarized light to the left. On the basis of the rotation of plane pilarized light the enantiomers are called dextrorotary and levorotatory enantiomers.


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