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Writing a Dissertation: Learn How to Come up With an A Paper - Part 2

Updated on March 12, 2014

Just What is a Good Dissertation Title?

A good dissertation is more than just a good flow of language or structure of the paper. A good dissertation, in addition to those two, entails a good development of an argument. You should be able to develop your argument in a systematic and clear manner such that the reader will not have to struggle to understand what you are driving at. It is a good thing that you do not have to invent your own way of structuring your ideas; this has already been taken care of.

Most Universities have a specific format which should be followed when writing a dissertation. If your own University does not have one, then you need not worry given that there are general formats which you can use to write a very good dissertation. I will be giving you one of the general formats towards the end of this page.

Here, we are going to discuss ways in which you can write a very good dissertation without having struggle too much like most people do. I know of guy who used to stay awake all night just to try and put together his ideas into a piece of paper he called a 'dissertation'. Hope you are not one of those guys as I would really pity you. Please keep reading along to get some tips and refreshing ideas on how to write a good dissertation hassle-free.

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Good Title for your Dissertation

Dissertation title is what we are going to discuss in this first part. As has been well stated in the title of this section, you need to start by picking the right title for your dissertation. I would say this is the most important step in the writing of your dissertation. I say this because in this step, you are faced with two options. If you choose the wrong title, then I assure you that you will struggle in the entire process. Remember that dissertation writing is not a one-day affair, nor is it a one-week affair, nor is it a one month affair. It can take you even up to one year to complete your dissertation. So you can imagine the nightmare you will have to go through were you to choose a wrong title. On the other hand, If you are to choose the right title, then I assure you that you will enjoy each and every bit of your time writing your paper.

So, how should you choose the right title?

Rule 1: The Length of your Title Matters

Many people might find it unreasonable to suggest that the length of the title of your dissertation determines how smooth the process of your dissertation writing will be. However, let’s have a look at the following few points so that you may get an idea as to why the title length matters.

First, your title should capture at least three themes. This will ensure that you are not confined to a specific area which may limit your space to discuss and develop your ideas well. Three themes can therefore not be capture in just four or five words. You need more words so as to be able to capture all the three themes in your study. Again, you should not get this wrong. A very long title will probably capture more than four themes. This will be problematic. More themes will make you confused and you will find it hard to explain your ideas well when you have a lot of “pace” to “roam about”.

The best title-length for your dissertation should therefore not be too long neither should it be too short. The recommended length of the dissertation title is between 10 and 14 words. Experts have done some research and it has been shown that between ten and fourteen words will capture 2 to 4 themes which can be good for your dissertation.

Rule 2: Be Direct to the Point

Again this is another point which is very important. Many people beat about the bush in their attempt to give a title to their dissertation. This will result, not only to confusion to the reader, but it will also take much space and so you may end up capturing just one theme in your title. You should avoid some unnecessary words/details. A good title is one in which when one reads, s/he will easily get an idea of what the dissertation is all about.

Rule 3: Choose a topic you are well aware of

Remember you are looking to write not just a dissertation but a good one. So, how will you write a good dissertation when the topic you have chosen is the one you don’t even have a good understanding of? You need to choose a topic which you can easily navigate through even if you are left to do it alone, without the guidance of anyone or any literary backup.

If you have a very good topic but you think you are not well acquainted with it, try to read more about it and see if it is something you can grasp within a short time. If it is, then you can go for it. The reason I am insisting on a topic you are well aware of is that, you are not there to learn but to give knowledge if not a solution to an existing problem. You therefore cannot give knowledge which you don’t have in the first place.

Rule 4: Choose a topic from which you can easily Research On

Research involves attempts to provide a solution to a problem that has never been addressed or has been addressed but incompletely. It also involves attempts to give knowledge regarding an area of study that has not been researched or has been incompletely researched on. This however does not mean that related literature to your topic of study do not exist. These literature will help you a great deal during your study.

Remember you are writing a dissertation which should be completed at a specific time. A topic with lots of literature will therefore be very important as you will not have to go from one place to another looking for information, hence you will save on time. Also, a topic with lots of information available can easily be researched on and so you have a good chance of understanding it very well.

And now that you have chosen a title lets head over to part three

Dissertation Guides

Best Dissertation Guide

I have been using this guide for sometime now and I just thought you might want to try it out. It is actually a good one.

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