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Chris Hadfield Canadian Astronaut

Updated on September 13, 2014
Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield | Source

Who Is Chris Hadfield?

Chris Hadfield is a Canadian and the first non American or Russian to be assigned to command the International Space Station. He is also a musician and fluent in English, French, and learned for his current mission Russian. He plays Guitar and sings and in collaboration with the Ed Robertson of the Bare Naked Ladies wrote a song which was recorded from ground and Space at the same time.This had never been done before and it may be a while before it is done again (if ever).

It seemed appropriate to write about Chris for The Presidents Day Challenge as in Canada we do not have a President and Chris is quite definitely the Canadian most in the news at the moment.

This photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

International Spacestation
International Spacestation | Source

Chris Hadfield Commander Of The International Space Station

Chris was very honoured to be the the first Commander of any space mission to be chosen from among the non American or Russian Astronauts. His achievement is all the more commendable because in order to do it he had to learn to speak fluent Russian. The USA has scrapped the shuttles and to reach the space station Chris had to fly aboard a Soyuz rocket for the first time in his life.

The launch was from Russia so he had to live and work with them for several months prior to the launch and he will land hard somewhere in Russia too on his return. Quite a change from flying and landing on Earth in the shuttle.

Like many astronauts Chris started as a pilot and flew as a test pilot for the USAF.

Since Chris is one of the most personable and chatty astronauts his feats have been recorded on video many of which are on You Tube, so I will let the videos do most of the talking.

Chris Hadfield Videos On YouTube

These are videos that Cmdr Hadfield has been releasing to YouTube as his trip on board the International Space Station progresses. I find it amazing how informative and easy to follow they all are. I think if Chris had not become an astronaut he would have been a great teacher. He obviously enjoys what he does and has a real rapport with people. What do you think?

First Live Music From Space!

Brushing Teeth In Space

Wringing out a Washcloth In Space

Chris All Dressed For A Trip Aboard A Shuttle

Chris is one of the most famous astronauts because of being the first Commander of the International Space station that was not either American or Russian.

He was chosen as he is fluent in both languages as well as French so there would be no communication issues while he was in command. This photograph is actually signed by him and will become a real collectors piece over time.

Space Walking Astronaut

While it may not be Chris this commemorative picture from NASA shows an Astronaut performing a spacewalk something that Chris did on a couple of occasions. One of which did not go so well as he got the fluid from cleaning the glass of his helmet in his eye and the mission nearly had to be aborted because of the tears, which took a long time to clear.

NASA experimented and the fluid now used will not aggravate any future astronauts eyes if it accidentally gets left on a helmet.

NASA`s Book About Leaving Earth

Any space buff would be interested in this book as a gift. It is NASA`s official history about leaving Earth and their missions.

Get A NASA Tee Shirt

NASA make quite a few commemorative items and what young space aspiring child would not love one of these as a gift. It is the official NASA tee shirt. Might even be suitable for the Dad and Mum that loves space and the astronaut like Chris.

Astronaut Backpack

Here is a great gift idea for the aspiring young astronaut in your family an official astronaut backpack.

NASA memorabilia on eBay

eBay is a great place for bidding on items of NASA memorabilia as they become available. You could get a valuable collectable at a great price! Who knows√Č

My Personal Favorite Item Spotlighted

I personally think that the signed photograph of Chris Hadfield is a great gift or collectable item as over time these will become rarer and gain in value as they represent a unique first in the history of space flight for all the countries involved. Canada, America and Russia.

Any fan of Chris would love one of these.

My Personal Favourite Chris Hadfield Item From Amazon

Chris Hadfield, Autographed/Hand signed 8x10 photo (Shuttle Astronaut, STS- 74, 100)
Chris Hadfield, Autographed/Hand signed 8x10 photo (Shuttle Astronaut, STS- 74, 100)

Because this item has scarcity value it will appreciate over time.


What Do You Think About Commander Chris Hadfield?

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  • Dressage Husband profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen J Parkin 

    4 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Thank you Jackie, you do not know just how much I needed that!

  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 

    4 years ago from The Beautiful South

    Included you in my last "Hug". Hope you enjoy it!


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