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civil engineering is..

Updated on May 29, 2011

What is CIvil Engineering

                Civil engineers.... are the people who took the responsibilty of modernising the existing world. Basically CIVIL ENGINEERING is the study which takes you to create the world. As a civil engineer one has to take several responsibilities and decisions based in which a safe and sustainable environment is created and maintained. The civil engineers at present days are having a lot of responsibilties with the increase in population , which further requires accomodation and a lot of facilities primarily essential. All these primary issues depend on the science of CIVIL ENGINEERING. A Civil engineer here takes the keen responsibility in providing all those things safely to the people. And the economy and living conditions of the people in a country are very much dependent on Civil engineering as huge projects and construction of structures are grouped primarily here.

CIVIL engineering works :

many works require the knowledge of civil engineering. Few of them are mentioned here.

  • Irrigation projects
  • offshore and marine structure
  • roads and pavement construction
  • multi storied structures
  • canals, bridges , dams
  • strategic works

And a lot more to quote. All these are essentially require civil engineering. But in reality A civil enginner has to understand the ituation properly and has to take the decision accordingly inorder to arrive at safe and economical status.To be short civil engineering is 50% theorotical and subject knowledge and remaining is practical.Hence a civil engineer has to be more practical.


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    • srinivas2036 profile image

      srinivas2036 4 years ago from tirupathi

      hmmm....yes you are absolutely right

    • srinivas2036 profile image

      srinivas2036 4 years ago from tirupathi


    • profile image

      mebymo 6 years ago

      yes.. i do agree, civil engineering is lot like practical science... you applied what you learn.. it depends a lot on decision making..

    • profile image

      jo paul 6 years ago