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Clep vs Straighterline: 4 Things You Need to Know

Updated on February 16, 2013

Clep vs Straighterline: Which One Should You Choose?

The "CLEP vs Straighterline" discussion pops up frequently online on various forums and message boards but the truth is that the differences between these two long distance learning credit earning methods are so clear that they almost make the debate a pointless one.

Below you will find all the information you need on the Clep vs Straighterline subject so that deciding which one to go for will be an easy and logical process.

Before tackling the differences between these two let's see what are their similarities that often lead to confusion among undergraduates. Both CLEP and Straighterline are great and easy methods to earn college credits in over thirty subject areas, some of which are common.

Well, that's about it for similarities. On the outside these look the same because they share the same end goal but on the inside they're quite different and here is why.

1. CLEP test dates are always set in advance

Before taking any of the CLEP tests students need to schedule and confirm dates. This can often lead to added pressure and focus issues. In contrast, Straighterline courses are much more flexible and undergraduates can learn at their own imposed pace. Repeating units is also possible and recommended for a more thorough preparation.

2. Straighterline offers tutoring and academic support

This is one of the key differences between these two. CLEP is exactly what its name states: a College Level Examination Program, nothing more. Straighterline on the other hand also offers students a supervised and well structured online environment for learning course material. CLEP is a better option for students that have already acquired all the knowledge necessary for passing college equivalency tests. CLEP is also better for undergraduates that decide to learn everything on their own without any outside help. For anything else, Straighterline is the better option.

3. Credits are earned differently

With CLEP tests, each college has its very own policy regarding credit earning. This means that even if there are over 2,900 higher education institutions that award credits based on CLEP testing, they first decide which courses are eligible for this and which are not. As such, students that want to earn credits the CLEP way should first take some time to do some research on the courses and tests accepted by their college in particular. Learning and passing an examination only to find out that the college doesn't recognize it can be a huge waste of time and efforts.

In contrast, with Straighterline things are much more clearer from the beginning. There are over 30 courses that are instantly recognized as valid for college credit gaining by over 1300 universities and colleges all over the US and the best thing about it is that it all happens automatically through the credit transfer process created by ACE (American Council on Education).

4. Straighterline tests can be taken anywhere

Last but not least, with Straighterline you can complete any course online from any location without having to travel to a designated place for assessments.

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