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CNA Practice Tests and Exams

Updated on July 3, 2013

CNA Exam

CNA Practice test
CNA Practice test | Source

CNA Practice Test Preparation

As all the other careers in the nursing and health care management, aspiring scholars aiming to become a certified nursing aide, usually require to attend the official and certified training schedule offered by various medical academies. Upon getting finished with the formal training program, medical trainees are necessitated to appear for the certification or licensing examination. Fortunately, most of the nursing schools offer training along with a CNA practice test to prepare a scholar for the final exam.

The CNA practice test is as challenging, as the actual examination itself, although that might not be the issue that discourages the trainees from admitting the CNA practice test. Almost all the subjects covered under the CNA practice test, may have been already instructed in the training schedule.

All the issues related to the basic nursing skills which the learners are not familiar and contented with, are certainly explained before the CNA practice test initiates. In several cases, scholars are united up mutually, and are requisite to display the modus operandi that they have cultured during their training.

The CNA practice test is classically supervised by an individual who conducts the lectures in the classroom settings; usually an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse.). This is their responsibility to ascertain that their trainees are having the capability of carrying out the duties that were experienced and discussed throughout the training schedule.

Who needs Nurse Aide Sample Test?

The nursing aide students who are sitting for the state-approved Competency Evaluation Test (CEP) find the Sample test immensely helpful in passing the actual certification exam. The test helps them in two ways: a) knowing the original certification exam features, and b) preparing for the actual test in advance.

It is mostly found that many students fail to pass the CNA exam first attempt due to certain reasons, including a) unaware of CNA exam features; b) ignorance of test questions; c) lack the confidence to sit in the exam; d) nervousness; and e) lack of knowledge about their testing skills.

The main objective of the CNA practice test is to help and enable the nursing scholar to get acquainted with the diverse types and styles of questions, which will appear in the real exam. The CNA practice tests are formulated, to aid the trainee in forming an environment that is as close to an actual exam setting as probable. The students also understand the actual test features, and get familiar with the actual test process and possessing such knowledge in advance; their confidence level also boost up, removing any nervousness they may have for the certification test.

The original CNA Certification test consists of a Written or Oral Test, and a Skills Test. The Written Test features 65-70 multiple choice questions, whereas the skills Test requires demonstration of 5 randomly selected skills out of 25 skills essential to perform nursing and nursing assistant-related tasks. Therefore, it becomes vital for students to find out the types of prospective test questions that may be given to them during the exam. In this respect, the Sample Test can be highly beneficial to them because the Practice Test is developed identical to real exam, and features similar types of questions.

Sample Test providers

There are many entities that offer Sample Tests to prospective nurse aide students, and notable among them are: Prometric Practice Test, NNAAP Practice Test Packet, D & S Headmaster Practice Test, campus based colleges and training institutes, few states boards of nursing, and individual websites. Few test providers charges nominal charges from the testing students, whereas few test givers offer practice tests free of charge.

The Sample Tests provided by Prometric and NNAAP are very popular among the potential CNA students

Prometric Practice Test features Written Knowledge Competency Practice Test for Nurse Aide and Nursing Assistant. The test is based on the nurse aide exam administered by Parametric in the different states. The sample test consists of 50 questions. Each question has four (4) choice answers, and one answer is correct. The testing students will have to mark the right answer to score. The correct answers for all questions are given at the end of the test paper.

NNAAP Practice Test is a Written Exam for students preparing for the original NNAAP Written Exam. The test assists students to find out types and styles of NNAAP Test questions. The sample Test contains sixty (60) multiple-choice scored questions, and ten (10) pre-test non-scored reading comprehension) questions. Each question has four (4) suggestive answers, and the students will have to pick the right answer. The correct test questions answers are given at the end of the test paper.

Prometric Practice Test and NNAAP Practice Tests are the best way to find out your own preparedness for the real exam. The given test answers at the end of the test questions sheet will also help you in finding the skills you have perfected, and the skills you need to practice more for the perfection.

CNA Practice Test is an ideal tool for prospective nursing aide students to evaluate their own test preparation, and gaining knowledge of the skills they lack. They can practice the skills they lack with their near and dear ones for the perfection. Although, few test providers charges nominal fees for the sample test, but the costs should not be the basic criteria for the nursing students because by paying some amount they gain valuable CNA Certification exam knowledge that help them in passing the test first attempt.

You must also understand that Congress has passed Omnibus Reconciliation Act 1987 (OBRA-87) with certain standards and provisions, and wants all states to follow these provisions to improve the quality of cares in the long term care units, and licensed facilities. Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) is one of federal provisions for nurse aides. Individuals must successfully complete nurse aide training program, and pass the competency test to be eligible to work in the facilities. Any student who fails to pass the certification test is prohibited to perform nursing, and nursing-related tasks. Therefore, passing the competency test is vital for working as a certified nursing assistant, and the Practice is a mechanism to assist you in passing the test the first attempt.


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    • cnatraininghelp profile image

      Jane Symons 5 years ago from Alaska

      CNA practice tests are the best way of passing your CNA exam, being able to pass the CNA exam is a really popular question. What I always tell people is there's no magic bullet, no secret sauce, you just need to practice and practice. That's all it takes.