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College? Design Ideas For Your Small Space

Updated on September 20, 2017
Make the very best of your small dorm room space.
Make the very best of your small dorm room space. | Source

Going Off To College Soon?

Leaving for college soon? Some people get excited and some get really nervous, so I hope some of this comes in handy to help with your transition. Items to consider for making life in a small space easier to live in. Organization is key! A few things come to mind right away like a clothes hamper with wheels, a small refrigerator, microwave oven, small freezer, small furniture, recipe book and a durable, re-useable water bottle. I have here a 3 in 1 appliance that has a microwave, freezer and refrigerator all together! It's a great price for all three.

My favorite site of all time, to find college must haves is Dorm Smart! It has the newest, most ingenious ideas for space saving in dorm rooms! I always go there first! Even before my children went off to college. The bedding is beautiful and they have so many items to help you children when leaving home.

There are a lot of things to know before you leave. Learn how to do your laundry! You don't want to be that person on campus walking around with that light pink shirt and every body knows you put your white shirt in the wrong load of clothes! Most students won't have a lot of money, so running out to replace your clothing isn't going to help, save that money for food. Speaking of food, learn how to cook simple meals before you leave home, it's hard to learn and study with no food for your brain or body.

Take on Internships if you can they are great ways to get yourself out of stuffy classrooms, real world experience in the fields you are interested in, some valuable references and letters of recommendation, and last but not least, meet people and make friends outside of school. I've also included and checklist so make sure you print that out. Also, if possible, send one of those checklists to your future roommate to check and discuss who's bringing what and some stuff you could go in on together.

If you are looking for fire tv click here and for more electronic accessories, small fans or surge protectors, visit Electronic Goodies!

Learn How To Cook Before You Leave - Simple Recipes For The Student

Learn how to prepare a few quick, healthy meals before you leave home. Most people don't like the cafeteria foods, get tired of fast foods and pizza, or run out of money for food. Or you can make your own, you'll save money, time and gaining a few pounds! Here are some affordable cook books, try these recipes before you go!

Looking for fast recipes? Visit Simple Appetizers, it has a lot of great appetizer recipes!

3-in-1 small dorm appliance
3-in-1 small dorm appliance

Microwave, Freezer and Refrigerator!

This All-In-One Appliance Is The Best Choice!

3 in 1 Dorm Room Small Appliances

Get this microwave, freezer and refrigerator all with only one plug! This freezer will keep your foods frozen just like Mom's at home, unlike those others that will only keep your food a few days. What is so fantastic about this is the "one plug" for three appliances. Even with a surge protector, you can still use more outlets.

The best small appliances should have the standard 110/120v plug, be UL listed, energy qualified and should automatically shut off. That is a big one so remember it, safety for every one!

Always check directly with your campus housing department before purchasing appliances for your dorm room.

Dirty Laundry?

Now You Have To Drag It To The Machines!

Getting your laundry clean is some thing you might not even think about until you have to wash your own clothes. This is another chore you should know how to do before leaving home. A clothes hamper on wheels is one of those must have items you'll need. You don't need wheels on your hamper, right? I felt that way myself once. Until the first time I had to do laundry and drag all those dirty, stinky clothes to the coin operated laundry. I guarantee you'll appreciate my advice on this one.

This clothes hamper is even better for saving you time when you finally get to those washing machines ~ your clothes are already sorted for you! It has 3 removable bins, with metal handles making it easier to get the clothes out. It also has lockable rubber casters, so it doesn't keep rolling away from you. Ever used the baskets at a laundry mat? When you're done doing laundry, just fold your clean clothes, put them back in the hamper, wheel them back to your room and they're ready to be put away.

Quick Dry College Towel

Make Life Easier

Quick Dry College Towel

Most girls, after a shower, usually wrap their hair up and let it towel dry. For the guys, they seem to run out of towels all the time with sports and frequent showers. Nobody wants to use a wet towel after a nice hot shower. Because these towels dry faster, they just make more sense to use.

This quick dry towel delivers! Not only will it dry faster in your dryer (5 minutes) but you can also let it air dry and not pay any money to dry it at all and be eco friendly at the same time. This quick dry towel will not only save you money but it also takes up less space in your dorm room. It comes in 2 different sizes and 5 different colors, so pick your favorites and order today!

Water Is Must Have

Without Taking Up All Your Space!

It's important to keep your body hydrated all the time, not just in college. With all the running around you have to do, keeping yourself hydrated is a necessity. Trying to store cases of water bottles in your room will take up some very needed space and recycling them is another pile of stuff that will take up valuable space! Help save our ocean's and keep plastic bottles out of the water and your room!

Here are some great designs to pick from or you can make your own. Just a small tip here, the white ones usually run out of stock faster but you do have the option of picking colors you like and photos or printing can be to your order!

Find then all here, plus more! If you don't like what you see, you can upload your own photos and put them on these reusable water bottles. Visit Reusable Water Bottles

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Tiger Face Reusable Water BottleCrystal Reusable Water BottleHeart And Swirls Reusable Water BottleParty Balloons Reusable Water BottleSunset And Lightning Reusable Water Bottle
Tiger Face Reusable Water Bottle
Tiger Face Reusable Water Bottle
Crystal Reusable Water Bottle
Crystal Reusable Water Bottle
Heart And Swirls Reusable Water Bottle
Heart And Swirls Reusable Water Bottle
Party Balloons Reusable Water Bottle
Party Balloons Reusable Water Bottle
Sunset And Lightning Reusable Water Bottle
Sunset And Lightning Reusable Water Bottle

College Checklist For Dorm Rooms

Dorm Room Essentials


I know this seems like a very long list that might "break the bank" so to speak but most of the items on this list can be purchased at your local dollar stores! It won't cost you as much as you think.

When you're so busy trying to remember every thing that needs to be done, some times you forget little things, until you need them and don't have them. Use this dorm room checklist to make sure you have all your eating supplies!

Eating Essentials:

  • UL Listed Compact Refrigerator or Microwave Refrigerator Combo - CHECK WITH ROOMMATE
  • UL Listed Auto Shutoff Small Coffeemaker (NO Hotplate) - CHECK WITH ROOMMATE
  • Dorm Dishes

    (Non-breakable, BPA Free, and Microwavable)

    2 dinner plates, 2 small plates, and 2 bowls 4 Glasses (Non-breakable)

  • 2 Water Bottles Insulated Travel Cup
  • Water Pitcher (Make sure it fits in your dorm size refrigerator)
  • Eating Utensils

    2 forks, 2 teaspoons, 2 tablespoons, and 2 knives

  • Plastic ware (Great for move-in weekend)
  • Dorm Food / Bulk Snacks (Saves money!)
  • Bulk Drinks (sodas, water... store them under your bed, until you want them cold)
  • General Essentials Not To Be Forgotten:
    • Sewing Kit
    • Paper Clips
    • Safety Pins
    • Rubber Bands
    • Push Pins or Thumbtacks

College Checklist For Eating Supplies

Kitchen / Cooking Essentals

I certainly hope this list helps you out and you use this dorm room checklist to make sure you have all your cooking supplies! I know this list looks really long but if you really look at it, the items usually don't cost a lot and as I said before, most are available at your local Dollar Stores.

Kitchen / Cooking Essentials

Microwavable Cookware (BPA Free)

Storage Containers (BPA Free. Square containers save space)

Can Opener

Chip Clips

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Paring Knife or Peeler

Pizza Cutter

Salad / Spaghetti Tongs

Small Funnel



Strainer / Colander (Collapsible saves space)

Check to see if dorm sink needs a stopper - CHECK WITH ROOMMATE

Dish Scrubber

Dish Washing Soap

2 Pot Holders

2 Dish Towels

Trash Bin and Trash Bags

Paper Towels and Paper Plates

Coffee and Coffee Filters

Freezer / Storage Bags two boxes, large and small bags for food, toothbrush, and toiletries

Did the college checklist help you?

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Well, I certainly hope I've helped at least one person get ready for college dorm room living! If you have taken the time to stop by, please leave your comments and opinions. I love to hear from you!

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