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College Planning and Pediatric Cancer

Updated on March 7, 2013

National Foundation Helps Pediatric Cancer Patients with College Planning

The National GRACE Foundation provides free college admission and financial aid counseling to pediatric cancer survivors and their families. Planning for college is an important step towards your academic goals and the National GRACE Foundation helps families sort out all the important details!

Just over a year old, this Foundation is making a difference....... one student at a time. READ ON below to find our more about this Foundation and the valuable support it provides to families affected by cancer! The Foundation's Executive Director knows first hand the stress of dealing with pediatric cancer and due to his own personal experience was driven to create a foundation with the sole purpose of supporting families affected by childhood cancer through the college planning process.

National GRACE Foundation Supports Pediatric Cancer Patients and Survivors

Child and Cancer are words that one does not want to hear together. The National GRACE Foundation was created to assist families affected by pediatric cancer.

The Executive Director of the National GRACE Foundation has first hand experience with pediatric cancer. Little Grace was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at one year of age and consequently spent several months in the hospital undergoing numerous surgeries and a variety of treatments. Her parents spent many sleepless nights by her side through all of it and were thankful to be able to take her home - she fortunately is doing very well today.

When a family deals with a child's cancer treatments, that is their main focus. Other things are put on the back burner, including college planning. The National GRACE Foundation was created in part due to that reality ~ GRACE stands for Growing Recovering and Achieving a College Education and is named for a little girl ~ a survivor of pediatric cancer.

The foundation's mission is to assist families weave their way through the college admissions and financial aid process. Families may have been through so much due to the reality of a cancer diagnosis. The Foundation strives to make the college planning process a successful one by helping so many families access a college education and realize their dreams.

Fortunately for Grace and many other pediatric cancer patients, it has been stated that survival rates for children diagnosed with cancer are now higher than ever!!!! This is promising for little Grace as well as for other children diagnosed with cancer. Many cancer survivors will go to college ~ that is the reason that the National GRACE Foundation was created. The National GRACE Foundation provides free financial aid and admissions counseling services to pediatric cancer survivors and their families. This population often has unique needs and circumstances and those at the Foundation fully understand the unique needs of cancer survivors.

The financial aid process is surely overwhelming and can be very confusing for those experiencing it, especially for the first time. The National GRACE Foundation was founded to help families navigate the college admission and financial aid processes with a distinct goal of helping students access college. Colleges have different requirements and deadlines and just missing one deadline can affect a student's financial aid eligibility. The Foundation understands what it is like to be faced with the diagnosis of cancer and the chaotic nature of a family's life during the treatment process, and provides college counseling services to families affected by pediatric cancer.

This foundation was established just over a year ago and has been able to work with over 100 families from around the United States. Each of these families, in most cases, had very specific concerns or services that were needed at a college, either related to continuation of a specific treatment, location of services or medical personnel, or proximity to specialized oncology treatment centers, for example. These considerations are unique to cancer survivors, and the Foundation sorts out these details with families as well as guides them first through the admissions process and then through the financing piece of things. Each family has unique needs ~ the Foundation assists through every step of the way - and compassionately!!!!!

The National GRACE Foundation is certainly making a difference. To support their mission, fifty percent of revenues from the sale of the publication Financial Aid $ense goes DIRECTLY to support the National GRACE Foundation. and their mission of helping families....... one at a time....

Cancer Survivors Day

Although Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month is September the National GRACE Foundation works year round to support families affected by pediatric cancer.

Financial Aid Sense Supports the National GRACE Foundation - Supporting Pediatric Cancer Patients

Financial Aid Sense is an important read for anyone with college bound children - this guide is perfect for current high school students. This publication walks a family through the entire process beginning with the financial aid application process all the way to finishing with paying the college bill and a discussion of available options. This workbook-style publication is written in straightforward language and provides families with the necessary tools to decipher the college financing process. In addition to being a resource for all families with college bound children, 50% of revenues from this guide go directly to support the National GRACE Foundation's efforts in servicing families affected by pediatric cancer.

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