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College is a Scam: Why I Quit and You Should Too

Updated on October 10, 2015

What is a college?

Disclaimer: I am not advising that everyone should quit college, or that you shouldn't consider going, if that’s really what you want to do. If you aspire to become a doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, or something that requires you to get that piece of paper, by all means, do it. Although if you want to be a teacher, I seriously recommend that you do some research on common core.

My goal is to get you to think critically about why it is that people feel the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on something that has no guarantee of providing a better future.

About Colleges:

The first thing you need to know is that universities are businesses. A business is a venture with one main goal: to make money. A good business knows how to advertise themselves to their customers so that the customer feels compelled to buy their product. Almost all colleges are public schools. These public schools are funded by tax dollars, which means that the government has a vested interest in the business. We see this trickle down through the public school system all the way to the elementary school level. We are taught from a very young age that we need to do well in school, and go to a good university in order to have a good life. Do our teachers tell us this because it is true? Or because it's in the best interest of the business for the potential customers to believe that they NEED the product that's being sold?

Now, I don't blame the teachers. They were probably told since the time that they were 10 years old that they need to go to college. When we have something drilled into our heads at such a young age, it's very easy for us to accept it as fact, and not question it, especially when is coming from those that we trust; our parents and teachers.

A Crappy Quality of Education

The idea that you absolutely have to have a degree to make anything of yourself in this world simply isn't true. There are so many great jobs out there for hard workers that only require a training program, or certification course, or working your way up in a company.You can graduate High School, start working for a grocery store and work your way up the ladder to management within the four years that your High School friends are in college. After those four years you would be making more than what your college educated friends will be making in the next few years, and you did not accumulate six figures of debt to get there. Better yet, start a decent business and you will make way more than an employer will ever pay you. Anyone can be frugal, save their money and make smart investments. You could spend four years working and saving, starting a side business, and investing well, and end up doing better in life than your friends who went to college.

For full disclosure I’ll start off by telling you that I attended a California State University for two years. It was a medium sized school filled with average students from average middle class families. Most people at my school, myself included, were there pursuing some sort of liberal arts degree. I was studying English. I had many discussions with my classmates about our disappointment with the level of education that we were receiving. More often than not our classes were filled with hundreds of people, not that even half of them would bother to show up for class. Our professors didn't seem to care. We were all just a number. In the smaller classes, where faces were actually recognized, professors did care. Those classes were usually of the discussion variety, which mainly consisted of the professor spouting their opinion and the students being made to agree. I like to call these the indoctrination classes. Many professors were very liberal, and had a socialists mindset. I’m all for people having strong convictions, but teaching your opinion as the ONLY right way to think is unethical.

When I went off to college, I expected to be surrounded by open-minded critical thinking individuals who were eager to learn from others. Boy, was i disappointed. More often than not I was being taught by someone who had an agenda. They weren’t there to teach students to think critically. They were there to teach students to think like them, and if you wanted to pass the class, those beliefs better be your beliefs; or you at least better pretend that they are.

The professors that taught classes at my liberal arts university did their best to kill the students critical thinking abilities. They wanted every one to think like them, to think the same. If everyone memorizes and regurgitates the same information we will be an interchangeable, expendable workforce. That isn't what I wanted for myself.

I have always been the over-achieving, workaholic type, and I have aspirations higher than being an employee of some corporation. Why would an intelligent, logical person work their life away, only for someone else to profit off of them? Why spend your life climbing someone else's ladder, when you can build your own ladder? In the last year I've started a few side businesses, while I worked to save up some capital to buy rental properties. I would much rather find my own way of making money than be an expendable cog in someone else's machine.

"But College is a Rite of Passage"

Yeah college is a rite of passage in our society. But is that reason enough to go?Do you make your decisions based on what everyone else is doing, or whats best for you?

When I told my mother that I didn't think college was worth it for me, she responded with, "You should finish college because its a fun experience." Thanks, but no thanks. If I'm going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars and years of my life on something because its an "experience" you better bet its going to be backpacking around Europe with my friends, or starting a creative business, or learning to play an instrument, and starting a band. It would be something that gives me real world experience, not sitting in a lecture hall memorizing and regurgitating some professors political opinion to pass an exam in order to get a piece of paper that isn't going to guarantee me a good job.

College Isn't For Everyone

Not everyone can afford to go to college, and not everyone should. The trend of encouraging all young people to go to college, especially those who can't afford it, is bad for everyone. The majority of college educated 20-somethings are in a job way below their pay grade, most likely one that they don't even need a degree for in the first place. I can't even count the number of young adults that I know who graduated from college but work at Starbucks, or clothing stores, because they couldn't find work in their field. When these young adults aren't making enough money to pay back their student loans plus interest, the government starts to forgive the debts. Where does that money come from? Our tax dollars. There are already more college educated people than there are jobs that require said college education. This leads to a cycle of more and more people unable to find work that pays enough for them to pay back their loans. As a society, we don't need everyone to be educated. We need garbage men, and retail workers, and mechanics, and plumbers ;preferably garbage men and plumbers who aren't in debt because they thought that they absolutely needed a college degree to be successful, but then ended up working as garbage men and plumbers because those were the jobs that were available. Now those garbage men and plumbers owe money that will be paid off by the few of us lucky enough to actually find jobs in our fields, or smart enough to start businesses and make good investments. Its a crappy deal for everyone involved. No pun intended, plumbers.

I recommend you watch the videos attached at the bottom of this article because they are hilarious and so true.

College Might Not Be For You

The Average State School


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      College isn't for everyone, and it's okay to pursue other paths if you find it doesn't align with your career goals. My own experience is that a college education was a ticket to a great career which took me to different parts of the country, exposed me to people/situations/skills I would never have learned otherwise, and allowed me to build a solid financial foundation. If I had to do it all over again, I'd choose a STEM career. Good luck in your future, whatever you do.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Excellent synopsis of college. Most students who are presently attending college shouldn't be there in the first place. College should be only for those who are in the top first tier of their high school. Too many college students are not academically suited for college. If there was a strict quota instituted, more college students would have commensurate jobs instead of working at jobs beneath their educational level or Mcjobs.

      So many young people have been inculcated with the premise that everyone should go/is suited for college. Well, such is not the case at all. However, to admit that one is not simply college material is a taboo in American society. Such an thought or utterance is considered to be anti-democratic, even elitist in nature. However, in many industrialized countries, only a small percentage of people attend college/universities. Many young people are better off taking a technical, vocational, or apprenticeship course after high school and work from there.


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