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Back to School

Updated on August 15, 2016

School is coming really fast. DO you know what supplies you need? Do you like shopping online? Today I'm going to show you some school supplies that are needs (with some links so you can buy online with discounts)

The first thing you need are spiral notebooks.

Most classes require you to take notes, as well as homework. Spiral notebooks will definitely come in handy.

The second thing I recommend you getting are Pencils. You can basically get pencils any where so I'm not putting a link for that. Pencils, well i'm guessing you know what there used for. Writing! I'm also pretty sure you will need to write for every class so buy some pencils today!

The third thing I recommend is a 8 GB Flash Drive

Now these days education has moved to the electronics. I recommend this item because you can save important files. If you have computer class this is a necessity too.

The two last things I recommend are a strong durable binder and good qaulity folders that don't rip

Folders are good for holding your work but the wholes always seem to rip. If you click the link I tried finding durable folders as well as binders that don't tear at the edges and last longer.

Thanks for reading. If you made it to the end. If you haven't bought a Backpacks I would get one before all of this so you have somewhere to put all this supplies.


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