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Earn Online

Updated on January 9, 2017

Easy Ways to earn Money Online

Since the advancement of modern computers and internet technology, means of marketing have evolved greatly, especially from last decade. Nowadays there would be hardly a big brand without an internet marketing plan. Internet marketing allows the retailer to do business online, i.e. online shopping, where the user goes to an online store and buys products from home. It also provides opportunity to earn money online. Those people who want to work as a freelancer, like students and house wives, can earn money online from their home. It is easy because working hours are not fixed and they can work at any time that suits them. Now you don’t need to waste your time chatting on the internet or playing online games, which is just a waste of time. You can become a part of online business and earn money online from home, in following easy ways.

Post Videos on YouTube

Everybody using internet is surely familiar with YouTube. It is online video portal where you can watch videos on any topic. You can also use YouTube for online business. All you have to do is to make a video tutorial on any subject whether informative or entertaining and upload it on YouTube. Make sure you name it with a word that most of the people would enter for search. You will earn money for each view and like for your video. For that you need to have YouTube membership. YouTube membership is available in few countries so you need to check out the list of countries, before doing that.

Affiliate Marketing

Become a business affiliate of a retailer and earn money. In affiliate marketing, you recommend products of the company you are affiliated with, to other customers and for every purchase made on your referral, you earn a fraction of the purchase. Affiliate marketing is largely dependent on social networks where affiliates interact with consumers. There are two types of affiliate marketing : one described above in which you get Pay Per Sale (PPS) and the other is Pay Per Click (PPC) in which advertisement is give on affiliate’s website and payment is made for each viewer, viewing the advertisement.

Creating Blog and Article Writing

You can create your own blog and attract visitors to your own page. Connect with the adsense which will pay you for each visitor. Keep on blogging every day. Do not be disappointed if visitors do not come to your blog in the beginning. After a month or two you will get increased audience and more audience means more business online. Another way to earn money online is writing articles. If you don’t want to start from the scratch creating your blog write for other websites. Squidoo and hubpages are the most popular websites which host articles for business online.

Data entry Jobs

This is the easiest way of earning money online in which you have to edit and correct articles, enter data provided from your job provider. But this can be boring and lacks creativity.


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