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Role of a Teacher in imparting education

Updated on April 22, 2015

Role of a teacher

A teacher has to make decision about education of student, he has to give feedback to the student, he has to tell the student about his, her weaknesses and strength.These are the various assessment techniques of a teacher.

He has to analyse performance of pupil qualitatively. He has to take pencil-and-paper tests and do oral questioning of student. The competencies of assessment here include knowledge and skills of a teacher in the role of an educator. There are many other competencies beyond the competencies of assesment which teachers should have.

There cannot be good teaching without good assessment of students. These should be an integral part of preparation of preservice.

Before instruction following activities are required:

1.The teacher should understand student's skill,interests and abilities as they indicate student's knowledge on various subject areas.

2.The teacher should understand student's interests and motivation in a specific content.

3.The teacher should also understand the outcomes of performance by a pupil.

4.Based on the above, the teacher should plan instruction.

During instruction following activities should take place:

1.To monitor the progress of pupil towards gialsset for instruction.

2.To identify pupil's difficulties and gains in performing and learning.

3.To adjust instruction according to pupil.

4.To give praise to student and give feedback.

5.To motivate students to learn.

6.To judge what pupil attained through instruction.

Activities after instruction:

Activities after instruction:

1.Describe pupil's extent of attaining short and long term goals of instruction.

2.Communicating student's weakness and strength.

3.Reporting assessment results to school.

4.Analysing information of assessment before and during instruction to gather information of student's progress.

5.To evaluate whether the instruction was effective.

6.To evaluate effectiveness of material used for instruction.

What is meant by teaching?

In teaching one has to plan the class,prepare learning material, give demonstrations, conduct seminars and supervise practical work.


Competency are the requirements a teacher should fulfill which includes knowledge, skills a teacher should possess in order to impart good education to students.

1.A competency is mastery of one or more skills for attaining competency.

2.Competency is performance based.


Planning includes:

-setting objectives.

-content selection.

-method selection.


-preparation of teaching material.

-preparation of evaluation tools.

Classroom interaction






Teacher competencies

Teacher competencies include:

-knowledge of subject.


-motivating learners.

-presentation & communication.


-discipline in classroom.

Knowledge of subject

Knowledge in the area of specialization is essential for any teacher to competently perform his job.

It is not just collecting facts and information on the subject,but it is learning of thinking in a way that is characteristic of that discipline be it biology, physics, maths.Example a Physics teacher is expected to have knowledge of physical world,not by book but by verification process.


Planning refers to course of action aspect of teaching.

Planning refers to decisions on what to teach and how to teach the content.

Expample,for teaching General English,one would require to know whether students are from English medium stream or from different regional languages. What is the proficiency level of each of them.What are the topics?What treatment each topic should get?Which topic should be dealt in detail?


Even if plan is good if teacher is not motivating students it is worthless.

Teachers responsibility is to motivate those learners who are demotivated and nurture those already motivated.

This can be done by:

-giving students meaningful and interesting things to do.

-keeping positive attitude.

-giving encouraging feedback to students.

-involving students in classroom activities.

Communication and presentation

The teacher needs to communicate and present to the students in many ways so that learners attain learning outcomes.The skills required for it are lecturing, questioning, explaining, reading, demonstrating.


Evaluation is also a function of teacher. Viva voce,question paper preparation come in evaluation.

Discipline in classroom

For the instructional process to go on discipline in class is necessary. Management of classroom is critical.The teacher needs to possess skills for it. Unless the teacher possesses this skill class can't go on.He will not be able to stand up and give lecture no matter how proficient he may be in his subject.

Teaching competency scale in classroom

1.Clarity of teacher about his instructional objectives.

2.Is content appropriate according to level of student.

3.Is content broken into parts so that learners can learn step by step.

4.Is learning of principles and concepts by examples.

5.Is there pchological/logical sequencing.

6.Methods of teaching are according to content.

7.Teacher inspires students for question answers.

8.Teacher encourages students for active participation.

9.Students are encouraged to clear doubts.

10.Teachers communication is interesting, audible and effective.

11.Chalk OHP/board use is satisfactory and appropriate.

12.Linkage of points is proper.

13.Student assessment is appropriate.

14.Planning of materials is appropriate.

15.Confidence of teacher regarding content.

16.Attempt of teacher to teach her subject was good and the students learnt what the teacher wanted to teach.

While the teacher requires knowledge of content, motivation, planning, communication and presentation, evaluation to am extent that is reasonable,when these are in an integrated manner they make him in the classroom effective.

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      Parul Srivastava 2 years ago from Lucknow,India

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