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Updated on March 12, 2010

I heard the phrase today that we have become a nation of complacent thinkers. I could not agree more. Everywhere I turn we are settling for less. It seems we no longer strive for our best work our best manners our best anything. I talk to people everyday who have settled for less. They don't like the job they are doing or the employer. I know for a fact jobs are hard to come by, I have been unemployed since last May. If your job doesn't please you or excite you anymore seek other employment or go to school part time to improve yourself. Why settle for less. We have taught our younger people that they don't have to be the best just get a passing grade. How many teens have you ran into that have a passive attitude? How many times have you heard " Oh my son or daughter hasn't got their licence yet so I have to take them to the movies,or friends house etc." I know I come from a different time I am 57 years old. When I was fourteen I wanted to drive. All my friends felt the same. When my kids were growing up I had to let them out early so their friends would not see them getting out of a parents car. They couldn't wait to drive themselves. People are eager to buy pre-packaged food and not make something from scratch. I have overheard people at the store say, " I am not cooking that. Let's go to McDonald's it is just as cheap. We have all these time saving devices for us to wash our dishes and clothes to prepare our food so we can do what? Have time to watch Oprah or reruns on the TV. What are we teaching our young people? Our teachers comply it seems on a weekly basis to give in to their sexual urges and seek out a student to seduce. Politicians have always had a reputation for philandering but it seems to have gotten worse. I don't know what the answer is. I know I sound like a Baptist preacher spewing our fire and brimstone, but it scares me. Pornography is on the rise. Our schools are beginning to teach sex-ed at the ten year old stage because at twelve they say most kids are having sex. We need to wake up and take control of our lives and not be led around by the media.



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