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Conflict Resolution Resource Center

Updated on March 18, 2014

A Collection of Conflict Resolution Resources

This lens is a collection of resources about resolving conflict.

It contains links to websites, blogs, articles, and books to assist you as you work to resolve interpersonal conflicts or to head them off in the future. The focus is on mid-level conflicts in work-team, family, and other organizational settings where people work to resolve conflicts without resorting to formal mediation or litigation processes.

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Videos That Show What NOT To Do To Resolve Conflict

The Mediator's Handbook
The Mediator's Handbook

The field of mediation has expanded dramatically since Friends Conflict Resolution Programs published the original Mediators Handbook in 1982, the first "how-to" mediation manual available to the public. Since then, mediation has evolved from an alternative approach to conflict resolution for community activists to a process that has become part of our everyday landscape.Continuously in print for fifteen years, The Mediator's Handbook provides a time-tested, flexible model for effective mediation in diverse environments and situations. Completely revised, the new edition provides a clear overview of mediation and conflict; a section that walks through each step in the mediation process; a large "Toolbox" section that details the skills and approaches used by professional mediators; and a final section that looks at informal mediation. Whether new to the art of mediation or an experienced professional, people working in corporations, government agencies, community organizations, schools, and any other situation where there is a need to build bridges between diverse perspectives will find The Mediators Handbook a valuable resource. Jennifer E. Beer is the author of the original Mediator's Handbook and helped develop Friends Conflict Resolution Programs' well-known mediation training course. She is the founder of JB Intercultural Consulting. Eileen Stief created FCRP's mediation program and training course 20 years ago. She is now a partner in PennACCORD Associates, a firm specializing in dispute resolution and conflict management. She is co-author of FCRP's School Mediation Trainer's Manual. Friends Conflict Resolution Programs is a program of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and is one of the longest-running mediation programs in the United States.


What would you like to see more of? What input can you give me?

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      oxygenyoga 3 years ago

      I would like to see a basic book on conflict resolution. ( educational text)