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No More Victims in School Shootings

Updated on April 20, 2014

Protecting Our Kids

As a teacher in our schools today we have to be more aware of many dangers to ourselves and our students. One of the major issues that have become prevalent in this country is mass school shootings. In America, we have become a society of victims. If a person holds a gun, then 'they have the power'. We, as teachers, have been trained to lock our doors and hide in the corner with our students waiting to be executed.

Knowledge is Power

Today I took a class that educates people how to take back the power. No longer do we have to hold up in the corner and give our fate to someone else. We can fight back. I learned how to easily, and quickly take the gun from a psychopaths hands. It's simpler than you think. Within 2 seconds I held that gun in my hand, pointing it back at him. That's all it takes. A little fight back attitude, and some knowledge, and we are no longer a casualty. We no longer crouch in fear, hoping they pass us by, hoping we put enough chairs and tables in front of the door to keep out the bullets.

We Can Fight Back!

You might think it's difficult, that you are not strong enough to take a gun from a 'big scary man', but really it's all about one thing. Leverage. If you have the leverage and the right maneuvers you will prevail. Knowing where to grab, when to pull, and when to push, will turn the tables in your favor. I disarmed a man who had obviously been working out all his life. He was pretty buff, but I disarmed him within 2 seconds simply because I had the leverage. As humans one of our weakest points is our wrists. If we know which direction to maneuver, then we win. And most gun toting psychopaths are not expecting anyone to step in and take their gun. They have this god complex. They feel that they have this power because they are holding a gun. They are not expecting anyone to enter their space and just take it, which gives you the advantage. It gives you, the so called victim, the power.

Fight back! We don't have to be victims in this world!

I would recommend all schools require their staff and teachers to take a course like the one I took. It was required at the school that I work at and I am so thankful I received this training. Though I hope I never encounter an active shooter in my life, I feel that I could handle myself much more confidently if ever put in this situation. I feel empowered and I will NEVER be a victim.

Teachers can be Heroes!

CBS news story about a school shooting

Here Is a link to an amazing news story about a teacher that ran toward a shooter instead of away and saved many lives with his bravery. Hero Teacher

Active Shooter Training Videos

These videos give great information on the steps to take during an active shooting at a school or workplace. It does mention that You should only confront the shooter if there is no way to escape.

Get the Training

The Class I attended was called "Active Shooter Training" Offered by a company called Critical Incident Management Solutions (CIMS).

Let's Take a Poll

Should all schools give teachers and staff hands on active shooter training...How to disarm an active shooter?

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I Know...You are asking yourself, Who is this crazy redhead anyway?

All about me

As I said in my Bio, I am so many things. I thought for a long time that I had to pick one thing and stick to it; that I had to be defined by one single aspect. But I had such a hard time defining what that aspect was that it has taken me 41 years to realize that I can be all those parts of me at once. One day I am a dancer, the next I am a singer. At times I feel words flow through me and I become a poet. Other times I am so silly that the comic in me just spills out. Choices Have made me a mother and only my children can judge if I was a good one or not. Life experience has made me a mentor and teacher but I am forever a student. Check out my lens on How Conjuring Crystal was conjured up

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What Would You Do?

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    • ConjuringCrystal profile image

      ConjuringCrystal 3 years ago

      Thank you for your comment melaniekaren. I hope many more people realize the power we all have.

    • MelanieKaren profile image

      Melanie Wilcox 3 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I don't think I've come across this article subject yet on Squidoo. Thank you for taking the time to write it. It helps offer a real solution.

      Personally, It has just been within the last few years that I realized I've had a "victim" attitude. I saw myself as an easy target against intimidating "scary" men. With the help of a friend, I came to realize that even though I'm not as physically strong, I don't have to be "the victim."

    • profile image

      JessAnderson 3 years ago

      Your right. Teachers shouldn't have to worry about themselves and possibly worse, the students they are accountable for while in school. They should be able to understand and know how to fight back when in danger.

    • profile image

      JMoonstar 3 years ago

      I agree, we have the power to save our own lives.