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Introverts And Cats: What’s The Connection

Updated on November 6, 2016

Why do a lot of introverts like cats? What is it in cats that keep them attracted to these feline creatures? Are there characteristics in cats the introverts can relate to?

While it’s true extroverts do love cats, it’s not the majority of them as compared to introverts. The majority of extroverts love dogs, a few cats and some neither. In the case of introverts, majority of them love cats, a few dogs and some neither. In the majority of introverts who love cats, why do they love cats?

Characteristics of cats

a) Inquisitive

If a cat senses something it will be curious to find out what it is. It won’t ignore it until it knows for sure what that something is. There is a reason why there is a famous saying that says, ‘Curiosity killed the cat.’

Introverts are inquisitive. They are curious. They ask plenty of questions about something you would think they are investigators. If something has raised their curiosity they will ask around until they get satisfactory answers. If they don’t get all the answers they want they will do all they can to get the information.

An example: When a lady raises the curiosity of an introvert, the introvert will not approach the lady directly. Whether it’s out of shyness or not it will be hard for the introvert to approach the lady. The introvert will ask around until he gets sizeable details about the lady. When they begin dating the introvert has data regarding the lady.

b) Friendly

This is one of the major characteristics that make these felines attractive to introverts. Generally, introverts don’t have many friends. On top of that, most of their friends are not friendly, that is, they do not understand why introverts behave the way they do. Thereby, they do not seem friendly the reason the introverts prefer their own space.

A cat feels good when you fondle. Through this gesture of affection, it will consider you it’s friend. Since introverts spend most of their time, they feel close at home with these felines. Actually, cats tend to be more of friends to them than human friends. This is why you will find introverts can spend majority of their time talking to cats or busy rubbing their fur.

Even if they aren’t playing or talking to them, their company is enough to make an introvert feel relieved. Introverts feel comfortable when they know there is someone (which is a thing) who (which is that) cares about who they are.


c) Playful

By nature cats are playful. In fact the cat family including lions and tigers are playful. Not only do kittens play with their ‘brothers and sisters,’ you will also see their mother playing with them. A person can spend an enjoyable time playing with a cat all over the house.

While introverts spend most of their time alone, they find it a pleasure playing with cats. Whether it’s that of teasing a cat and ending up with bites and scratches on your skin, or using a string as a way of playing them, it’s enjoyable playing with them. When an introvert is not reading, writing, watching or playing video games, he/she is busy playing with a cat.

d) Independent

If a cat is in mood of playing and you are forcing it to play, expect and unexpected reaction of a ‘hissing’ sound, possibly followed by a dangerous bite or scratch if you further force it. Or, they may run away. The majority of cat’s time is spent by being alone preferring its own company. It’s very hard to see cats ‘walking’ together. A cat likes its own company, its own adventure, and its own silence.

Introverts respect this characteristic of cats. It helps remind them they are not alone when it comes to liking their own independence. Not only so, they derive inspiration from just watching them. It kind of inspires or encourages them they are not alone.

When a cat wants attention it shows, if it doesn’t you will know. This independence is what draws these feline creatures into the hearts of introverts.

e) Mysterious

Cats are mysterious. It’s a cat that is very unpredictable. One time it is in joyful mood. It plays with you. Suddenly it no longer wants to play with you. Why the change of heart? Then, why is it in many occasions cats want to hunt on their own, experience adventure on their own? They are quite mysterious.

Some introverts are mysterious. Very unpredictable. When you think you have known their pattern you realize you don’t know them any well. In such cases they feel they are more close to those who understand their mysteriousness and can empathize with them.

The majority of introverts who like cats love them because they are mysterious. This raises their curiosity. In turn it makes them feel attracted to the cats. Generally, it is known when a person is mysterious this raises your curiosity about the person.


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