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Constantine and Jesus Christ

Updated on December 8, 2014

The Vision of the Man on The Cross

It was not a dream when the man on the cross stood in front of me, looked me in the eyes and called my name. Inside I heard": "Take me off the cross." The vision and the commission were confusing as, like the majority, the story of Jesus Christ was not something I questioned. It had, however, seemed strange because of my reincarnation memory and the knowledge that God is Spirit and that there is no heaven or hell.

Between lives another vision had shown a line drawn out in front of me representing my life ahead. One number stood out. It was 45 and when this latest vision came that's exactly the age reached by me. It was subsequent to other commissions and visions because there was a job that needs doing. At my last death there was just that one thought on my mind that the job has to be done.

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Crucified Savior God

From the beginning of this life my thirst for knowledge has led me to explore everything and to observe all. Along with these things my curiosity sent me into many areas of human life and study. Always pushing myself to the limit my time has not been wasted as when the time came to do the job my mind was ready,

But what exactly was I being asked to do with this new request. The look on the man's face was full of rejection, confusion, innocence and puzzlement. He looked like a man wrongly convicted of a crime who was facing the death penalty with no one to rescue him. The look has never left me and slowly over months and then years the riddle and riddles presented to me were resolved.

My knowledge of God is that of a Universal Spirit and the creator of all things. It is not that of a man nor of a parent who has sent a son to earth to speak for him or her. As spirit cannot be killed or crucified then it took a while to realize that the image on the cross is not that of God but only of how people see It. In other words it came to me that the Spirit has had to become the man on the cross in order to be found.

The image of a crucified Savior God is one devised by Emperor Claudius Constantine, the man who established the Roman Catholic Church. Through it he successfully hid the real God so that the children of the spirit cannot find it. His cohorts have added to the conspiracy and compiled the bible. The New Testament is sheer invention to credit the religion with power and control.

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Ancient Myths Recycled Into Modern Religions

At the time when it was brought into being the delegates at the Council of Nicaea, called together for this purpose, had no idea about Jesus Christ. They were puzzled over many things including that of the Trinity. They were questioning how God could be three in one and yet be separate.

The notion of the triune god head had been around for centuries and was possibly borne in India, from whence a lot of the New Testament was borrowed. It had, in fact, arisen from sun-worship and the notion that it had three parts separate from each other and yet all were part of the whole. None could exist without the other but they were all different. These were the sun, the Mother God, the light. or spirit, and the reflection of the sun as it's earthly image. It was the latter that philosophers had been trying to work out a way for it to come to life and give the law of the sun to the people.

Thus the Mother God or sun was Mother, with light as spirit and the reflection as her son. These were cleverly disguised and recycled into father, son and holy ghost by the later religious leaders. But, of course, this did not happen immediately, The triune god-head could not be done away with and had to be incorporated for people to accept the new religion.

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Philosophy, Magic and Christianity

The thinking process is one thing and we all have access to it, even animals. But carrying thought beyond the norm is called philosophy. It involves working out puzzles to which there is either no solution or some very controversial ones. In everyday life one does not need to think beyond the need to survive, have a roof over ones head and care for yourself and family. But when divine worship and the nature of a god is introduced that is a different matter all together.

In my research the Spirit took me back to the very beginning of speech, as we know it, and to the first ever god. It was the sun and in the visions shown to me people were stunned by the images it created, particularly around objects.

This image of Isis shows her with the sun on her head to give the impression that she is the sun-god. The idea of the halo was borne of this notion.

One can see from these things how men struggled to bring the sun to earth to speak for them and they eventually achieved this by calling the reflected sun the 'son of god'. Various divisive methods were the basis of many exaggerated and great stories of how the sun of the sun was taken from the water and reared in secret until he could talk as a man. Moses, Bacchus and a few others are of this scenario.

As the great Spirit 'I-s-i-s" translates as 'eye of light-eye of light'. It is the origin or 'Issi' when the letters were transposed. The meaning remains as the title of the Great Spirit.

And in that day thou shalt call me Issi and no longer Baal (bull). Hosea 2:16

'Issi" is the origin of 'Jessie' and 'Jesus' as Latin has no [J].

The amazing sun stars of antiquity gave rise to philosophical thought and magic. At first there was nothing but confusion and possibly fear. But as big men rose through the ranks and decided on how things were brought back to life they cemented their thoughts into the people and the next generation so that the words could not be altered. .Because people are like sheep good ideas stick and notions don't alter when facts come to fore to prove them wrong. This is the glue that keeps communities together.

Animals that had disappeared from the scene emerged from caves and holes in the ground as though they had resurrected. It is no wonder then that the notion of burial in the ground with the prospect of resurrection became embedded into people's thinking. It was something from which future religions could not escape. Thus, all religions born of Islam believe in a bodily resurrection and the notions of heaven and hell. They also believe that they will live similar lives to their current ones only greatly enhanced with pleasure.

As thinking improved the ideology changed to a belief that only one needed to be seen to have resurrected and to be in control of heaven and hell. In Christianity that is Christ, in Islam it is Mohammed and in the Jewish faith it is David. The Indian and other religions all have their own avatars, most of whom are claimed to have been crucified.

These invisible prophets are able to continue to talk through priests, emirs and popes who claim to have insight into the mind of God.

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Telltale Signs of Resurrection

The religious notions were becoming very complex around 500,000 BC (before Caesar) when burials are noticed in the archaeological records. They were rather primitive by today's standards and involved nothing more than bodies being placed in caves with flowers or herbs on top of them. This was the first sign of grave goods, but then it became more complicated.

Later cave burials show evidence of sacrifice. Animals, noticeably bears, were sacrificed at the time of placing the body. This animal is a chief candidate for resurrection as it completely disappears over winter and hibernates for many months without the need for food or water. To the primitive mind it died and come spring it rose again. So why would you not think that by including it in the grave it would encourage the resurrection of the dead person. It might also show it the way to the other world.

The Egyptians carried it further when they embalmed animals, such as cats and birds, so that they, like the embalmed pharaohs, would help them find their way to the heavenly kingdom.

My research showed that animals were symbols of the souls of humans. In fact the term 'anima' means 'soul' in ancient Latin. The philosopher, Aristotle, wrote a major treatise based on this notion. He called it de Anima which is now related to Life Force. He considered that " the kinds of souls possessed by different kinds of living things, distinguished by their different operations." (cited Wikipedia).

This notion was taken further by Plato who described the soul as an image of the body on which sins would appear as great clouds of black. When someone dies these clouds determine how good a person was during his life and whether or not he should be admitted to the heavenly kingdom. Jerome, who published the first bible and partially wrote the New Testament, admits to being a student of Plato and he, in turn, was a student of Cicero. This demonstrates how philosophers were heavily involved in religious notions and why the religions that were born of them could not change them.

Inside Egyptian Tomb

Ramses II
Ramses II

The Egyptian Christ

The term 'christ' means 'cross' and art in Egyptian tombs show crucifixion was a part of the religious ritual associated with burials of pharaohs. In the tomb of Ramses II there is ample evidence as his arms are crossed across his breast, as in Christian traditions. Above his head is a scene showing the sun shining through a hole and splitting into the seven rays of rainbow colors, a very sacred sign in sun worship. (Image of Ramses II is from Wikipedia Commons)

Above his head also is a man holding a cross as though he has carried it through to the next world. In front of him Ramses is accepting the symbols of god-ship from Isis while Osiris looks on. These symbols include the staff of office and the egg of fertility. Osiris was the mate of Isis. He was divided into several pieces, as the sun's rays are when behind an object, but she gathered up his penis to create Horus, a fanciful talk of magic. 'Horus' translates as 'horse' and that was the symbol most associated with the sun, aside from the cow.

Kings were expected to ride on the backs of horses into the next life and the etchings of white horses in the chalk around England and Europe is part of this belief. The spirit horse, with wings, is part of ancient mythology.

Isis is always depicted with the sun between her horns like a cow. In some images she is called Hathor, which translates as 'hat of or' or 'hat of the sun'. It is from images like these that the notion of a halo was introduced to portray god like figures.

Pharaohs were deemed to be gods and temples were erected in front of their tombs for their followers to worship them after death. They were purported to have risen to their heavenly thrones where they sat as 'father gods' and could continue to rule over Egypt as kings in the after-life.

Prophetic Warnings About Egyptian Religion

Islam was born of Ismal or Ishmael from Genesis in the Old Testament. The warning was that he would be an archer and that his terror would reach to the heart of all people. He was married to an Egyptian wife and in the bible 'wife' is from 'life' or the nurturing of the soul. [w] and [l] are interchangeable linguistically and are, therefore, of equal value. Many languages do not have [w] and the term would read 'life' in that case.

And God was with the lad; and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer.

And he dwelt in the wilderness of Paran: and his mother took him a wife of the land of Egypt." Genesis 21:19,20

The introduction of religion as Islam was in the plan of God and later on we learn that the purpose was to test people's spirituality. Islam is a sun worshiping religion and the number 5, the main symbol for the sun, is prominent in everything it's followers do, such as praying five times a day. The number 3 is also prominent as it represents the trinity nature of the sun god, so Muslims bow three times at each prayer session. All religions borne of Islam are of the same ideology.

This image of Pharoah resurrected shows he now has the sun resting on his head between the horns of the bull, a symbol of the father god. As a mate to the cow, Isis, he had to be seen as a bull.

In my research every letter or syllable of ancient languages were interpreted. "I-s-l-am' translates as "eye of light-eye of mother', and that meant the sun. It was meant to capture all those who could not discern between right and wrong, good and bad and who have no relationship with the Spirit of the Universe. But warnings were given.

Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help . . . but they look not unto the God of Israel . . . who . . .is wise, and will bring evil, and will not call back (his) words; but will arise against . . . evil doers . . .

Now the Egyptians are men, and not God; and their horses flesh, and not spirit. Isaiah 31:1-3

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The Sword of Egypt.

The religion of Egypt is Islam. From it has grown the religions of Muslim, Judaism and Christianity, to say nothing of a heap of other branches.

The sword of Egypt is the cross (anhk) which is also described as the cross of life. It was a much loved sun sign and here is a pharaoh with one in his hand, just as we see many Christians now with crosses around their necks and in their hands, Pharaohs often carried one in both hands and would cross their hands over their chest, as depicted in many images.

The Spirit left this prophecy about it and all of it is coming true.

The burden of Egypt. Behold God shall come into Egypt: the idols shall be moved at his presence, and the heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst of it.

And I will set the Egyptians against Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.Isiah 19:1-2

Look what is happening right now in the Islamic regions of Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Palestine, Assyria, Lebanon, and so on. People are killing each other, throwing bombs into crowds and blowing up whoever is handy. The Assyrian government is destroying its land and its people and now Mala, Niger, and many other branches of ancient Egypt and Islamic countries are suffering the same fate.

Ethiopia, the Sudan and other regions of Africa that share the religion of Egypt are all of them suffering. Overpopulation is their main burden but lack of law and order, jealousy and a religion that teaches hate and murder at its core is not helping. Look further afield to Pakistan, Afghanistan and regions in Asia and Europe where the Muslim religion is causing chaos and the picture becomes even more into focus.

And the Egyptians will I give over into the land of a cruel lord; and a fierce king shall rule over them . . . Isaiah 19:4

The cruel lord is, of course, Mohammed, The fierce king is Allah and they are lost to the cause of their misguided principles.

Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame, and the trust in the shadow of Egypt your confusion. Isaiah 30:3

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Inside King Tut's Tomb

Weird Imagination

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Arise the Roman Imperial Religion

The Romans came to Italy from the Assyrian region of what is now Iran, Syria, Israel and Palestine. Their original capital was Babylon and then Mari, which is a term for the sun. 'Ma-r-i' translates as 'mother-powerful-eye', its'also the origin of Mary, often described as the Queen of Heaven. They were called the Amors or Amorites and are also referred to in the bible as Assyrians.

As you can see from my other lenses the people of God are called Israel, that is not Jews. They are of the House of Israel and not the House of Judah. The Spirit determined to try them through the fires of Egypt and to place them under the Assyrian king. This would remain the case until they are refined and ready to receive the truth.

The inheritance of Israel was given to the sons of Joseph, Mannesah and Epraham. These are metaphors for the two outpourings of the spirit. One came in the beginning of the day to seed the children of the spirit and the other at the end. Ephraim is the one at the end. The spirit speaks of the last outpouring as Ephraim and left this prophecy:

He shall not return into the land of Egypt, but the Assyrian shall be his king, because they refuse to return.

And the sword shall abide on his cities, and shall consume his branches, and devour them because of their own counsels. Hosea 11:5,6

The Assyrian represents the Amorite and that is Constantine. The sword is the cross and that is prominent in the city of Rome and wherever the Catholic Church reigns. The counsels are the priests and religious organisations that have entrapped the children of Israel in lies, false promises, threats and terrorism.

And my people are bent to backsliding from me. Hosea 11:7

People not of Israel, such as the Roman authors and compilers of the bible, would never have realized this. Also Jewish scribes who worked on the Old Testament changed many things to make their religion appear as being of God.

Fighting with Swords

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Under the Sword

The sword inherited from Egypt has been a great fighting tool throughout the last 2,000 or so years. It has brought world wars, civil disputes, neighbor against neighbor fighting, murder, drugs, suicides, and terrorism. While they call Christ the Prince of Peace the ideology is one of constant conflict and death.

It has changed its appearance many times and now comes in the form of powerful bombs, weapons of mass destruction, drones that carry high explosives, guns, tanks, rapid firing guns and many other forms. One of the most pertinent views of WWII was that men went to war on either side praying for victory from the same God,

What is so great about war and killing others or dying? What is so special about dragging the rotting body of your mate out of a pit on the battlefield? What is so important that one must leave family and friends behind and head off into the unknown to perhaps die the most horrendous death? While the video above shows the horror of crucifixion many soldiers have died with more pain and over a longer period of suffering than that. Many people have died long and slow agonizing deaths from the bombs dropped on their neighborhoods, such as those in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The bombs are still reigning down as the sword of Egypt continues to be used against countries, people, children and adults alike. There is no end to the evil they cause. But this was in the plan of God because there is no end to man's evil against man. There is no end to the destruction of the planet for the sake of religious idealism that states that humans should multiply constantly and, even though we have means to stop overpopulation, the churches won't have it.

So Constantine produced his image of Christ based on the Egyptian model. He founded the Roman Catholic Church and forced people to worship the cross, the sword of Egypt. Those who refused had torture of all types imposed on them. Over time it was easier to accept it then to be killed in such brutal ways. In the end Constantine had his Jesus Christ and the world has suffered ever since.

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    • CampingmanNW profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you once again for another revealing and well researched lens.

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 

      6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      actually the most aimless everyday encounters drive us to terminate and rethink the truthfulness and insights we have implanted in our minds. very few great people think and share about these things. thanks for sharing this wonderful thought provoking read. you are really great.


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