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what actually is consumer behavior in modern trend

Updated on December 14, 2010

What actually is consumer behavior??

Consumer behavior is the pattern or the manner in which a consumer behaves in a market (i.e.) how much he purchases, his taste and preferences and his changes in the pattern of buying, his likes and dislikes, and so on. So, when we see deep into it, his social and cultural aspects play a vital role in influencing his behavior towards a product or a service.

The following factors are the key socio-cultural influences that create a behavior or alter an existing consumer behavior:-

Mass Media News:-

As we all know mass Medias like television and radio play a vital role in the advertisement of products and service of all categories. Therefore it can influence the consumer from a point of acquisition to a point where, a loyal customer prefers to switch his regular brand to that of a different brand. This is due to the power of media. The amount of visuals, audio and script of the advertisement makes the consumer believe and get them attracted toward the product and in turn makes alteration in their behavior. A catchy USP (unique selling proposition) can lead to a knock through of an existing brand and switch over to a new brand which is unique in features.

Comments from friends:-

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing media available. This is most effective with friends. Friends always form networks between themselves and share quite a lot among themselves

Example:- Ed watches the dark knight movie and reviews the movie to his friends Jack and Jerry. His influence over his friends is such that he creates a interest among the group that makes believe their friends that the movie is far superior than what they really perceive. And the news spreads if both Jerry and jack liked it.

And today the sharing of news and mostly about products are services is completely a new perspective. People use lots of online services to socialize. The main are they hang around is face book, where people meet one another directly with their local friendly network as well as people from around to globe to form a common network. This network is powerful because it connects a lot of people in a single click of the mouse

If Jack wants to share his experience of a product, He simply types “my new Nike shoes are awesome; you guys need to try it”.

This message is public and is viewable by quite all his friends and the news spreads like anything over the internet if the news is addictive to their eyes. With social bookmarking sites like dig., stumble upon it can take less than a minute to share their news to many around the globe. So that’s about the power of friends and internet media and how it influences the consumer behavior.

Family member recommendations

In an average family consisting of 4 or 5 members there is a great influence that plays a vital role in the behavior of the consumer. Either the head of the house (i.e.) father recommends his son to use a product or his son recommends a product to him to be used. These are most common in day to day products such as soaps, shampoos, edible products and so on. Sometimes family recommendations come outside the family group also like from an aunt or an uncle. These are products such as medicines or durable products and services such as health care or tourism. It is either by consultation or direct recommendation.

 These are the major factors that contribute or influence the consumer to purchase a product or subscribe a service. There are several other components to be added to this article in mere future. Kindly help me with what I have put in with this. Comments are welcome…


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