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Remove DRM & Convert Rhapsody or Napster Protected WMA to MP3

Updated on April 24, 2011

How To Remove DRM from your Rhapsody / Napster Tracks and get FREE MP3s

Imagine filling your entire iPod in just a few hours. For FREE...Legally!

I made this lens to show everyone how to remove drm and literally get THOUSANDS of FREE MP3's LEGALLY from Rhapsody and Napster. Watch the video below and follow the instructions on this page to get your FREE DRM Removal and Converter software. Get more information on this great software here!

Video Guide To Removing DRM and Converting Protected WMA - Keep reading after video...Find out how to get the software FREE!

This video will show you the power of Tunebite and how to remove drm with it to save you tons of money in MP3 downloads every time you use it. Image filling up your entire iPod in a matter of a few hours and not ever pay, not once single penny! Download Tunebite Now! or Keep reading after the video and I'll tell you how to get this software free!

Start Removing The DRM from you Protected WMA songs Today!

I'm going to explain how to get tons of free MP3's from Rhapsody and Napster by legally converting the DRM protected WMA song files to MP3. Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you can fill up your iPod in a matter of days. No kidding! The best part is that it won't cost you a penny if you follow my instructions.

If you already have a Rhapsody or Napster account then this is for you too. You can start using this method today. If you have a broadband connection then you could literally have over 500 free tracks in one day. This is how...

Install Software and Start Converting Like Crazy!

After downloading the software, Install it following the instructions during the installation process. Once the software is installed just download all the music you want from Rhapsody or Napster. Use the video on this page if you need help using the software to convert the DRM protected WMA files to MP3. Then enjoy all your free music!

How to Remove DRM

The concept to removing DRM to get free legal music from Rhapsody and Napster

If you have used the new Napster or the Rhapsody music download service then you know that your music is locked to your computer or mp3 player if you pay the extra money. This is because the music files are have been encoded in the protected WMA format with DRM (Digital Rights Management).

This has an upside, you are permitted to download an unlimited number of tracks to your computer. You have the freedom to listen to them so long as you keep paying your monthly subscription. Also you can burn the tracks to a CD but you would have to pay the $.99 for each song and that is on top of your monthly subscription.

The part of the whole thing is that you have the actual files on your computer but you cannot do anything with them. Every time you try to drag and drop them into your iTunes or other music management software you get an error message. You think to yourself the must be a way to unlock these files. There is and all you have to do is remove the DRM from the file and it is yours and you do not have to pay the $.99.

This is where /">Tunebite comes in handy. Tunebite can actually strip the DRM from the file and output the the track into any unprotected format you want to include .mp3, .wma, .ogg and many other more and at any bit rate you choose.

The best part is that Tunebite can also remove DRM from video too and does very well at converting iTune movies and videos to unprotected .wmv or other video formats so you can keep those rented videos.

So the bottom line is use your Napster, Rhapsody and iTune accounts to the fullest by downloading as many songs as your hard drive will hold. Then use Tunebite to remove DRM from the songs and there are yours to keep. There is no better way to legally get digital music on the web.

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    • TTMall profile image

      TTMall 6 years ago

      Thank you for such an informative lens.

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      usarticles 6 years ago

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      Thanks, works pretty well. Recently found another great CD ripper Audio Converter Studio. You might like it too:

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      I use MelodyCan. It is the best, easiest and fastest converter I found. You can try it)

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      midnight94501 7 years ago

      The address of does not work; it comes back sayng it is undeliverable. Is this old news? If someone has info, I'd really appreciate it.

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      SoonM 7 years ago


      its the best program for it ))

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      jocica 7 years ago

      cool staff ,thanks for sharing

      Remove music,movie and dvd drm protected information with Professional DRM Removal.

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      anonymous 8 years ago

      Nice job you done there, really good info :)

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      Good Info. Really helpful!

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      this is a huge help, thanks!

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      Thanks man! Outstanding.

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      Good info. 5*