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Updated on December 16, 2009
Since the umemployment rate in Indiana is 10% I know I am not the only one out of work. I find the internet site for job hunting only lead you to ads for colleges and training in dental assistants. In my frustration I am cooking more than I ever did. This seems to help with the frustration. I am well educated and have a great work history,but so do many others. I am new to blogging and maybe this is of no interest to anyone other than myself. Still the best way to cope is to bring back into your life a routine of any sort. Many people must share in this fustration and at first I found it overbearing. I have been in the hospital five times since May with one operation and one near death. This was mostly brought on by stress. At least realize that the fact you are unemployed can open up new avenues for healthcare (it is said it is not as good as the insurance I had before but it is not bad). It amazes me the good quality I get. Please don't do as I did and let it build up. Find a release and work through it. I will be glad to share recipes with you if you want or just talk.


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