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33 Courses to Help You Decide a College Career

Updated on April 2, 2019
Shing Araya profile image

Studies psychology, advocates on mental & physical wellness, teaches & writes.


Going to college is a difficult change of career for newly graduate high school kids. There are a variety of courses you can choose from especially with the advantage of technology.

Some reasons include: being influenced by peers, parent’s choice, lack of financial income, academy limited sources of choices/ offers, on the spot decision.

According to a recent study, 75% of the freshmen students shifted from one course to another at least two times per semester due to confusion/ misunderstanding of a certain course, lack of friends, incompetence of teachers.

These are inevitable instances, it is the aim of this article to help you take a closer look on college offered courses, guide you with what to take, help you decide what to pick while hopefully saving your time and money.

33 Courses You May Choose From for a College Degree

01.Accounting & Finance

The study is concerned with the flow of money, finances, and business management. It offers a wide range of knowledge on the core & context of business system & its law. This is more applicable for people who enjoy mathematics.

02. Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Aeronautical studying focuses on the construction, design and engine system of air related machinery such as planes while manufacturing deals engineer matters & its discipline.

03. Agriculture & Forestry

Involves the study of effective farming techniques & the improvement of food production. It is a wise profession because without farmers, food shortage will be a burden to human nature.

04. Anatomy & Physiology

To have a deeper understanding on the human body & structure both internally & externally, pick anatomy & physiology. It will be beneficial for you and people you care about due to its wide offer in how human systems work.

05. Archeology

It is the study of human historical events & occurrences focused more on physical & documented evidence such as literature pieces.
If you love exploring & scrutinizing, archeology fits for you.

06. Architecture

The study provides you with greater knowledge & thorough appreciation on infrastructures particularly the invention & creation of homes.

If you have the excellent & vivid ideas on house making, architecture is definitely for you.

07. Arts & Design

No matter what kind of artist you are, if you have the passion then you should choose this course because it feeds bigger knowledge upon the improvement of your works as well as a sneak peek on the lives & works of many famous artist.

08. Biological Sciences

Want to know more about life and the origin of human beings?
Biology answers your queries. It allows you to explore on broader subjects regarding living organisms.

09. Business & Management Studies

This field is concerned on how a certain business sector or organization operates including financial, administrative, and marketing techniques which vast your perspectives on business matters.

10. Chemical Engineering

The study focuses on the right application of chemicals in order to produce much useful product for the environment & humanity. It deals with in-depth understanding of all branches of science including chemistry & physics.

11.Civil Engineering

Your role as a civil engineer is to maintain the quality of man-made products such as canals, bridges, dams, among others.

12. Communication & Media Studies

Keep pace with the latest issues, news, happenings & trends of the world. Your main goal is to spread out valuable and relevant information to people as well as analyze how media influences and reflects lives.

13. Computer Science

This field focuses on the foundation of computers & other related data. If you are a lover of technology, you may consider taking this course. You will be assigned to create or improve hardware & software systems.

14. Counseling

Crucial matters are discussed in every session you will have with your client, if you have the heart to listen to people’s burdens then counseling is good for you.

The world needs empathy & trustworthy individuals like yourself to help analyze & deal with negative thoughts, perceptions, tragedies & other personal matters concerning mental, physical & emotional issues.

15. Criminology

Study of the criminal behavior which aims to determine individual causes, control & punishment of crimes.

It offers a great deal of self-discipline & ample amount of skills.

16. Dentistry

This field deals with the accurate diagnosis, prevention, treatment of certain mouth & oral problems such as gingivitis and mouth cancer.

People who practice dentistry have broader knowledge on the importance of oral health also they help others by providing services to fix teeth disfigurements & other tooth related problems.

17. Economics

Wonder how/why the market business and economic growth of a country grows?

Economics answers that for you. It is a branch of social science which aims to determine the production & distribution of goods & services to consumers.

18. Education

Being a teacher is the most noble profession of all; without teachers other professions will not exist.

Engaging in this field requires patience as you will have to deal with people of all ages while imparting knowledge to them. If you enjoy sharing your ideas, education is for you.

19. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The technological world requires a lot of talent to be a part of their innovative team to update systems of technology to help, to ease lives.

Electrical engineers plays a big role in today’s world, if this caught your interest, you better try. Enormous opportunities awaits after you graduate.

20. English

If you are into reading, clearly this course is for you. It showcases opportunities on reading deeper contents found in novels & other forms of literature materials to expand your comprehension in the usage of English language as well as the mastery of composing literature pieces.

21. Fashion

Love Calvin Klein, Tyra Banks & other big names in the industry of fashion & design?

Then practice the magic of dressmaking, footwear, accessories, makeup & other aspects involving the revolution of distinctive, vintage & natural trends from the beauty of home to your personal glow and build your own trend.

22. Geography

An opportunity to study world societies & perspectives on economics & cultures await for you in the field of geography.

23. History

You can discover different cultures, beliefs, myths, and facts in history. It allows you to learn more on understanding how the society works before and how it affected or influenced the now.

24. Hospitality, Business Management, Travel & Tourism

The enthusiastic and charming person in you will be a great asset in this field. Great opportunities awaits your way because the study explores on huge explorations, discovery of new things & places, attending social meetings & conferences which are beneficial towards achieving social stability & higher status of life.

25. Law

Highly intellectual and rational individuals practice law, if you consider yourself one of them then this is the choice for you.

The study allows you to learn constitutional rights of people, institutions, and other sectors as well as the creation, punishment and proper implementation of disciplinary actions on certain matters. You can help people solve their current issues whether big or small depending on your field of expertise.

26. Mathematics

If you are a fan of numbers, shapes, space, and solving problems, you should consider studying mathematics. People who study mathematics are well-known for their unique wit and ability to break complicated problems into simple ones.

27. Mechanical Engineering

If you are interested in the improvement and implementation of machines, you belong in this field. It tests your ability to analyze, apply, and manufacture principles to impose new and useful designs.

28. Medicine

This field of science enables you to conduct certain diagnosis, treatments and surgeries to prevent, ease ailments and restore health.

29. Pharmacology

A branch of medicine and biology which deals with the proper usage of drugs and medication (herbal, scientific and chemical based products).

It enlarges your learning on physical health as well as the correct prescription of drugs.

30. Philosophy

If you are a critical thinker, this course is for you for it test your analytical and logical skills towards understanding and investigating the existence of knowledge, values and reasoning of people

31. Psychology

This encourages your critical way of thinking while broadening your knowledge on an individual’s certain behavior whether individually or socially. This study focuses on how the mind of a human being works.
It allows you to explore a person’s role in life; widens your understanding on how a person reacts, thinks and responds. In addition, diagnosis, treatments, and prevention from various disorders will be your mastery.

32. Social Work

This course involves a lot of social interactions with all sorts of people. Your primary objective is to assess people who are in need of your help.

As a social worker, you can showcase your generosity as well as good public relations by improving lifestyles. This also allows you to enter a big opportunity in governmental positions and large industries.

33. Veterinary Medicine

If you are a pet lover, then this course fits for you, because you will learn about the function of body tissues, cell formation, body system and structure of an animal. Also, you will master the proper diagnosis and treatments on certain animal diseases. Therefore, you will be able to express your love for pets while earning a good career.


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    • Shing Araya profile imageAUTHOR

      Shing Araya 

      12 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      You are welcome

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Hi, sunshine tipod, thank you. Will dothe contact later.

    • Shing Araya profile imageAUTHOR

      Shing Araya 

      12 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      That is a good choice.. Well, that depends on your location, however I have a friend who studies in can search it online, they offer scholarships too

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      12 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Hi, sunshine tipod, thanks for sharing. History fascinates me. I would like to do a masters course online. Any hit about a worthy university. Thanks again.


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