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Create a Special Backpack For Your Child's First School Year

Updated on February 23, 2016

Create a Special Backpack For Your Child's First School Year

Kindergarten is a big step in a child's life and the parent's. I remember when my daughter started school. I also remember when I started school. Both my daughter and I reacted in the exact same way. We jumped right in with joy and anticipation of great things to come! The summer before Kindergarten began was an exciting time for my daughter, my husband and me. We listened to all her speculations about what school would be like, how many kids would be in her class, who the teacher would be and what she wanted to learn. We watched all summer for the shopping lists to show up at the store. Where we live, the school supply lists for most schools are placed in all the major stores when it gets close to school starting. And, oh my, when we spotted that list, the shopping frenzy began. Not all children are quite as eager to begin school. My son was not nearly as certain that it would be the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. And that is understandable. The first day of school is a step into the unknown. One way to help make your child's school experience a great one right from the start, is by making sure he or she has a fantastic backpack filled with some fun supplies! Preparing for school in advance takes some of the stress off of you and your child!

Create A One-of-a-Kind Backpack

It's So Easy and Fun!

I recently discovered that my local craft store sells plain canvas backpacks of all colors. That gave me the great idea to decorate one for my friend's little girl. I picked a color she liked, and with the coupon I had, it cost me a whopping four dollars. Not bad! Then I looked in the clearance section and found some extremely cute iron-on butterflies and a roll of darling black iron-on flowers. I already had some craft paint at home and some stick-on letter stencils. I started and finished this unique backpack in 30 minutes. It cost less than buying a traditional backpack, and it was so fun to make. Best of all, it is original and specially made for her. Decorating a backpack is a wonderful way to help your children get motivated and excited about going to school. And having a personalized backpack also guarantees it won't be mistaken for anyone else's.

Cute Backpack Decorating Ideas!

FolkArt Peel and Stick Painting Stencil, 30454 Fun Alphabet
FolkArt Peel and Stick Painting Stencil, 30454 Fun Alphabet

These are what I use all the time. They work very well. I just wash them and place them right back on the sheet for next time.


We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

— Henry Ward Beecher
Recycled Newspaper Pencils
Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Cute Backpack! Time for Supplies!

You Can Find Neat School Supplies Made from Recycled Materials.

Once you get your child's school supply list, the fun begins. You don't have to stick to just one store for all the supplies, and you don't have to get them all in one day. In fact, most years, I take my kids to a few different stores, on several different days throughout the summer. If you look in the newspaper and online, you can usually find ads for stores that have special one-day only sales for particular school supplies. I have found some great deals in the past! Office Depot is a place I never thought about going for school supplies, until I read the awesome sale flyer in the Sunday paper a few years ago! One thing I look for in school supplies, is whether or not they are made from recycled materials. If I can find a few school supplies that are recycled, I will pick those over some regular ones. You can find a huge variety of cute school supplies, with creative designs, that are made from recycled materials. Take your child with you, and let him or her pick out what they like. For my children, half the fun of going back to school is shopping for the perfect school supplies. I also like to surprise them with a few really neat items. I'll find a cute notebook, a cool pen or a fun pencil bag. On the day when school starts, I'll sneak the special items into their packs. So, these are some of my suggestions to get prepared for school. I wish you the best of luck on your child's first day of Kindergarten and beyond, and I hope these tips will make the process more fun and exciting!

Awesome School Supplies

Blue Q Hoo's Next Pencil Case
Blue Q Hoo's Next Pencil Case

This is so colorful and different. I love it!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Watercolor Paint Set With 21 Paints and Paintbrush
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Watercolor Paint Set With 21 Paints and Paintbrush

My son has this paint set. It is the best one I've ever purchased. He loves it. I really like Melissa and Doug products!


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