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Brainstorming and Creative Thinking

Updated on December 26, 2011

Brainstorm and Unleash Creativity by: "Changing" Your Mind

How is Creative Thinking being stifled?

Most of us go through the day with a set of routines that balance what we have been taught in formal education and what our experiences have taught us. These "ideas" as ways of life and ways of thought get engrained in our head so that our reactions to most situations and most problems require very little actual real thought, or referred to more accurately as conscious thought. There is decision making and executing going on it is simply that we are not aware of it.

These patterns enable us to exist in a world that is alive with constant distractions vying for our attention. Some of the time it is for our benefit that our brains truck along on our known path and get us "home" with very little deviation. This deviation would take us much more time and require much more attention, and without focus we would handle common situations in such a way that we could not get by what color shirt we should choose to wear in the morning or what route we should take to work.

brain storm
brain storm

Creative Thinking: Off the Beaten Path

A metaphor

I like to think of a path analogy to better explain creative thinking and everyday life. Say that we live in a cabin in the woods and everyday we walk down to the town center to sell our goods: some ceramic pottery to the market to be sold. We walk the same path everyday, we see the same trees, the same animals. We interact with the same people. We no longer think about which turns to take, or who the right people are to talk to about our wares. We are often not mindless but just thoughtless... ok, conscious thoughtless at least

Now imagine if we took a different path from time to time. One day we decide that instead of taking the normal path home we try a different way, maybe this way will take a little longer, maybe we will get lost. But what is guaranteed is that we will see new things, be introduced to new plants, new animals and new ideas. We end up finding a stream we never knew was there, rich with colorful clay that now will add a new dimension to our work. We cross paths with a beautiful couple picking berries and we meet new friends and now have berries for a wonderful dessert. What did we do differently?

We took one deviation from our normal path and it opened up a whole new world that enriched our lives, including the "ordinary" and known life we had before.

Creative thinking takes place away from the worn path and the expected interactions. In some cases we can get off our "path" of heavily worn thoughts that have circled our head to no solution. We take ourselves off our normal everyday routine so that problems can be easily solved, so our day can seem brighter and we can take more control of our lives. Maybe we need to write a paper for school or come up with a project for work. Maybe we are stuck in our emotions and have been in the same rut for months or years and need to change our lives.

It is not always easy to take a different path everyday. There are times we are running late and we need to get to where we are going to run an important errand. These times are just fine and we know the worn path can always take us back there if needed. But with our exploring there is a possibility that we find a shortcut that we never knew existed and saves us even more time in the future. Or maybe we discover a bicycle that can swiftly take us to our destination.

Your Route to Work - Tried and True or Daily Adventure?

Do you take the same route to work every day?

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brain storm
brain storm

Ways you can Benefit from Creative Thinking

The idea of creative thinking emboldens you to become much more aware and understanding of your surroundings. You will be able to take control of situations in which you would normally feel uncomfortable. People often get nervous when confronted with uncomfortable situations, or when in social situations. Creative thinking can take you out of your fear and bring you into an arena where you are in complete control of the situation and you can guide it along as you see fit.

Modern Chakra is dedicated to holistic and healthy physical and spiritual practices. These ways of life and exercise, both mental and physical, allow for an easier time making unique changes in your life. They allow for your mind to start to clear, providing a much clearer picture of not only your path but those paths that branch off of yours. These are the avenues of problem solving and enlightenment.

It is absolutely necessary for you to have a clear mind and begin to exercise control over your thoughts and energy in order to be an effective creative thinker. If you are just starting or even if you have tried meditating and energy healing before, it is vital you find some guidance. Having someone in person to work with is ideal. Whether this is the case or not, being able to work on meditation and other healing/creative guides in your personal time and in your own space is just as important. You can use a wide range of guided meditation programs depending on budget and personal tastes. Your effort is worth it, it is always worth it.

Check out more of my work at

TechWizdom and Modern Chakra

Thinking out of the Box

It's up to you!

The bottom line with thinking out of the box is that it does not give a more practical description to what this actually means. One should really think of this ideas as expanding your box to solve a problem not necessarily to have the need or requirement of stepping out of your current frame of mind. What this really means is that knowledge is power as we have always been taught. The more you know about your world and the components of what you are trying to solve the larger your box becomes to solve the problem at hand. The problem with "thinking out of the box" is that you are still required to recreate this idea within the box. That is the genius, that is when bringing in a completely unrelated point of view my expand your point of view and others enough that the problem itself becomes small and practically solvable.

My Favorite Creative Thinking Books

I am a life long musician as well as a writer. The Musician's Way is great for not only creativity but allowing yourself to practice and understand music without stress. A complete person is a complete musician, doctor, businesshuman, etc. All of these books about creativity can be applied to your own endeavors. Good luck and skill going forward!

I want to know more!!! Please share your technique with everyone, I am sure it is more brilliant than you could ever imagine.

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    • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

      Dancing Cowgirl Design 6 years ago from Texas

      Creative thinking really does come in handy on Squidoo!

    • whiteskyline lm profile image

      whiteskyline lm 6 years ago

      I find Squidoo to be a creative exercise :)

    • profile image

      HerbertHarris 6 years ago

      Good Job enjoyed the process thanks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      @EMangl: Exactly:-)

    • mercin12 profile image

      mercin12 6 years ago

      I like the path analogy and it relates well to you question about driving to work. I've read in quite a few places that it is healthy for your brain to take different ways to work. Luckily, I enjoy doing that.

      May creative energy and many ways to one destination be with you.

    • modernchakra profile image

      modernchakra 6 years ago

      @aesta1: perfect... take time to listen to the message then just let the message speak for itself. love it.

    • modernchakra profile image

      modernchakra 6 years ago

      @viscri8: Totally there with you. My personal work is learning to focus my creativity into certain projects and keep it there... not easy, but when I am done I have a message people understand and a clearer mind. Thanks for coming by mismatch! Always appreciate the comments.

    • modernchakra profile image

      modernchakra 6 years ago

      @EMangl: ok, let's make a deal, which ever one of us figures out how to attach more arms we message the other person immediately... I will work on expanding the hours in the day....

    • EMangl profile image

      EMangl 6 years ago

      i don't need to exercise creativity, i only need more hours a day, more arms and pc's to do everything i like to do

    • viscri8 profile image

      viscri8 6 years ago

      I am an artist -- painting surrealistic style. Creative thinking is my way of being -- sometimes too much for my own good. Keep well!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I do meditation to get in touch with my inner self and allow this to express itself.