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Creativity Junction Nova T

Updated on January 18, 2013

Innovation Experience__Bridge to Arts and Science

Education transformation that prepares kids for the technology innovation challenges in the coming decades in 21st Century is the issue addressed in the classic book "The Element" by Ken Robinson, Ph.D. education transformation expert. "The Element" (Viking, 2009) is available at the Fairfax County Va Public Library.

This issue of education "transformation" rather than "reformation" is at the heart of enabling to meet the challenge of innovation with strengthening creativity skills and practice as part of both arts and science on a community level.

It is clear that vast majority of the school system design is based on the 19th century industrial age when western societies transformed from a life style dominated by agriculture and mostly small scale farming to rise of urban cultures and factory dominated life styles. Robinson discusses this topic of "cognitive skills" dominated by a common "standard" as the basis of education in America.

In fact, the frontier of education is the appreciation that academics (as Ken Robinson is one also) focusing, the so called "non-cognitive" skills .


21st Century Education Transformation Priority

Focus on Arts & Science__Not Just Reform Math & Science !__Search Internet For Cafe Twin Show Preview

Non-cognitive skills include , creativity including artistic elements of art, music and drama that in fact strengthens cognitive skills as well, not measurable in such "standard tests" as SAT that primarily measures cognitive skills as key element of "right" and "wrong" answers rather than "creative" answers where more options to solve problems opportunistically are encouraged and allowed . Such non-cognitive skills are typically subjective and not objective as was the "right" and 'wrong" answer options of the cognitive skills based industrial society of the 19th century important and valueable at that age.

But now increasingly to solve the major challenges of human survival with the implication of overwhelming impact of global and local challenges before us, "cognitive skills" based 19th century education simply is not a logical choice.

To enable survival of humanity when human population is expected to double from 6 billion currently in the early days of 21st Century by the coming of the next generation in mid-21st Century, creativity based non-cognitive skills must also be nurtured and appreciated at education, business and society at large at Homeown USA , where public education is the perview of local communities with supportive role for State and National perspectives in USA.

Education Transformation and Opportunites For Self Discovery - At Community of Vitality Hometown USA


Experts who have published popular books based on scientific research on the value of non-cognitive skills such as imagination for example, have been discussing the topic of “ethics training” as part of education necessary in the transformation process.

Ethics training is a key missing element in public education today where “ethics” is important underlying element to character of individuals but this element of often objectively measured is not possible.

Photo Album 01__Creativity Junction - Nova T Fairfax VA

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Example of High Cognitive Skilled Individual Violating Community Safety - Cognitive Skills Not Enough__Ethics Training and Creativity Skills Based on Non-Cogni


Take the case of a qualified Ph.D. Student at a State University in USA recently. This young man commited a criminal act of planning and then executing random murder at a theater near in the communit in State of Colorado university community where he lived.

This person is now in law enforcement custody of course going through the justice process of America for the murders he committed.

He obviously has high cognitive skills or else he would have never been accepted into a university Ph.D. program. But surely, under mental distress experienced few years before the criminal act coommited in 2012 in random killing at a theater, this young man surely lacked the ethnics training and non-cognitive skills that often is basis of many non-violent cultures of humanity to know the consequence of his violent act.

Creativity Junction Nova T__Building A Bridge to Community of Vitality - Through Arts and Science Bridge


Definition__Creativity and Innovation :

Conversation Creativity: A useful definition of a creative product is that it is something (a) novel and (b) appropriate. This definition is given by two prominent academic psychologists, Robert R. Steinberg & Todd I. Lubard in their classic book, Defying the Crowd: Cultivating Creativity in a Culture of Conformity (Free Press, 1995).

Conversation Innovation:

“Innovation is the process of turning ideas into manufacturable and marketable forms”

Watts Humprey

Friends_Part of Community of Vitality - Shared Interest and Community Service


Team Work - Music and Science Creativity Protocalls at Community of Vitality


Creativity Junction NOVA T__Fairfax VA


Creativity Junction NOVA T Vienna Saturday Buffet Breakfast - By Cafe Twin Conversations__Arts and Science Bridge for Community of Vitality


Potomac Knowledge Bridge Cafe Twin - Our New Group at LinkedIn.Com


LInkedIn.Com is the largest business social network in America with a strong presence at Fairfax VA__Washington Metro Hub.

Join us for productive and enjoyable conversation. A Small Group Buffet Breakfast "Eat and Talk" at Old Country Buffet Saturday 9:30 AM-11:00 AM is planning for virtual teaming. Follow up would be at the Front Page Pub across from the Balston Metro Stop in Arlington possibly on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon as covenient.

Potomac Knowledge Bridge Café Twin__My New Group at LinkedIn.Com. Welcome !

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