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Cute Baby Gorillas

Updated on September 26, 2014

Gorilla Infants - so cute

Welcome to my lense Cute Baby Gorillas. Gorilla infants are very vulnerable when young and they are completely dependent upon the care of their mother for the first few years of their lives. Perhaps it is this vulnerability that draws us to look upon baby gorillas with such fondness.

It really is incredible to think that these cute little gorilla infants will grow up to be the worlds largest primate and such powerful animals. I hope that you enjoy these images.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Gorillas are mainly herbivorous and ground dwelling. These apes live in the forests of central Africa. They live in "troops" and their days are well organised with periods of feeding, periods of resting and periods of traveling. In the wild these gorgeous animals have a lifespan of between 30 to 40 years. In captivity, they have lived up to 50 years.

Baby Gorilla playing - video

I absolutely love this picture. It is simple in its composition, yet for me, it captures beautifully how I feel gorilla infants are. There is something of a thoughtfulness and curiosity behind its eyes - don't you think?

Gorilla Nest
Gorilla Nest

Gorilla Nest

Gorillas sleep in nests - sounds strange at first doesn't it? But it's true they make their own nests for sleeping in both during the day and at night. They do this by gathering branches and leaves to make a bed up to 1.5 metres in size. Gorillas tend to make nests on the ground, but do also build them in trees.

Baby gorillas will sleep with their mothers until they are about 3 years old.

Gorilla build a nest - video

A fascinating video as we join a party Gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Watch a mother gorilla with her infant as she prepares a nest.

This baby gorilla seems to be as curious of the photographer as we are are of him or her. One things is for certain, it's not a gorilla I would want to mess with - no way! It looks like its got real attitude.

Cadbury Gorilla

I just couldn't end this lense without adding an iconic advertisement video - the Cadbury Goriila. Set to a Phil Collins song it is beautifully filmed and acted.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit. - Your comments are always most welcome.

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      Ben Reed 3 years ago

      @josietook: Thank you.

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      josietook 3 years ago

      Great pictures!!